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  1. Hi there! After more than one year of intense usage (mainly for drawing) of my Lamy Safari(s) I am thinking about buying a "next-level" fountain pen. In terms of performance do you think it is worth spending money on a better one (gold nib, better construction, etc.)? Is there significant difference between a budget and an expensive pen? (My budget is not that fixed, I can be persuaded - but let's say $150 is the ceiling.) What I've observed with my Safari is that 1) the feed sometimes does not give enough ink when drawing really fast sketches (maybe it is just the ink? used only Lamy and Di
  2. The #3776 is a marvellous piece of writing instrument that any passionate fountain pen lover would consider absolutely essential, for building up a collection. Sometimes, it’s one of the top five must haves for people like us, available perhaps at the lowest price given the gold nib. As for me, I never sensed any urgency to get one, as there were a few similar shaped pens (Pilot Custom 74, Sailor 1911 & MB 146) with me. I liked the wide flattish nib and had decided to take a Naka-ai writer later, which would address my desires of getting an urushi lacquered pen in Tamenuri finish. With tim
  3. Hello all! I hope you can help me out. I recently bought a Sailor Profit Standard MF with a 21k nib and a Platinum 3776 Chartres Blue with a Soft Fine 14k nib. Problem is, my platinum skips a lot and feels scratchy while writing. I need to apply some pressure in order for the nib not to skip while writing. I also tried the Sailor, and it is a completely different experience, it has a little bit of feedback but writes smoothly. I know this terms are very subjective, but at least I can tell you the feeling of the comparison. Sailor's nib feels great, like feedback, whilst the platinum nib fe
  4. I recently purchased two brand new platinum 3776's with 14K soft fine nibs. One in the rhodium finish and the other in the gold. Out of the box the one with the rhodium finish was remarkably softer than the gold. Is this a case of natural levels of variance within nib manufacturing or does is the rhodium one known to have greater softness? I did not read anything to that effect before purchasing.
  5. Iguana Sell

    New Platinum #3776 Century Nice Lilas

    Platinum launches a new addition to their #3776 Century NICE series! This time its the new color "LILAS" featuring the image of a flower. The Nice series is inspired by the renowned city located in southern France's Côte d' Azur. This city is blessed with a mild climate, with pouring radiant sunlight something that is expressed through the fountain pen's body. Its resin transparent body features a sandblasted finish with cut grooves at precise angles which express a contrast between light and shimmering water. The name LILAS, means lilac in French, using for pink gold metal trims with
  6. I know there have been many similar topics like this one, but I had to ask myself. I'm planning on buying myself my first gold nib as a Christmas gift to myself. I'm looking at the following pens: Pilot Custom 74 (M) Pilot Custom Heritage 91 (M) Pilot Custom Heritage 92 (M) Platinum 3776 Century (M) As I understand it, Custom 74, CH91 and CH92 all have the same feed and nib. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Are the medium #5 nibs the same width as Metropolitan medium? Is the 3776 medium nib broader or finer than the Pilot medium? Those of you who have tried both the 3776 and any of th
  7. Can the new Platinum Century 3776 with its advertised "airtight cap seal" considered totally airplane-safe? I know that any pen with a full converter that does not have any air in it should be safe to travel on an airplane, however sometimes you forget to check what's in your bag or forget to go through the motions of fully filling the pen right before a trip. It would be nice to have a completely "throw-in-the-bag-and-forget" kind of a traveling pen.
  8. Platinum #3776 Century Review This is my second review, so please let me know what you think in the comments. Also, there is a review of the Medium version of this pen in Bourgogne, so stay tuned for that. Table of Contents IntroductionPackagingForm Factor and AppearanceNib and SectionConclusion (TLDR)Statistics · Name: Platinum #3776 Century · Nib: 14k gold fine nib · Country of Origin: Japan, imported to US · Model Number: PNB-10000#51-F · Color: Chartres Blue · Price: ¥10,000 retail. Available in the U. S. for ~$150, and from importers for $70 · Included Items: Box, warranty papers, m
  9. The 5th and final of the Fuji Five Lake series Platinum 3776 pens is coming in July. The Platinum 3776 Kawaguchi Fountain Pen is a blue demonstrator pen. It comes with the "slip & Seal" cap, a 14k gold nib and a cartridge/converter fill system. For more details on the pen read out blog post: https://www.penchalet.com/blog/platinum-3776-kawaguchi-fountain-pen/ You can also register to "pre-order" the pen as well: https://www.penchalet.com/fine_pens/fountain_pens/platinum_3776_kawaguchi_fountain_pen.html
  10. dezorz

    3776 Steel Vs Golden Nib

    Hello, I am new to the fountain pen world. I have tried some cheap children pens, preppies, kakuno, kaweco and recently platinum 3776 balance UEF with steel nib. Though I like thin gel pens (0,38 UNIs) UEF is thinner than i thought. I am going to buy EF and F versions. Does anybody have experience with both, 3776 Balance (PTB-5000B) and 3776 Century (PNB-10000)? How much do nibs differ?
  11. For a limited time we have the Platinum 3776 Sai fountain pen on special at 40% Off full retail. This is a great deal on a a great fountain pen. 14k Gold nib, Slip & Seal lock cap, converter style pen with a demonstrator body.
  12. I recently acquired two demonstrators, one made by Sailor and one by Platinum. They are very similar visually and they both sport a B nib. I am going to provide a comparative review. The two demonstrator pens are: 1) A Sailor 1911 Profit in large size (14cm) 2) A Platinum 3776 Century special edition Censke for Nagasawa Pen Style Den (a major stationery trader with its main branches located in Kobe). The pen is already sold out, but there are plenty of other 3776 Century demonstrators that I would assume behave in a similar fashion). 1. Appearance (Platinum left, Sailor right) A
  13. Hello, I read in a review of this pen that the nib unit is not supposed to come out. https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/291490-platinum-3776-century-chartres-blue-soft-fine-nib/ However, my nib and feed comes out without even a tug. I just have to pull it out casually. Is this supposed to be a bad thing? Thank you.
  14. Platinum 3776 Calico Celluloid Fountain Pens We have the Platinum 3776 Celluloid Fountain Pens with an 18k gold nib at 40% Off while they last. Retail: $550.00Sale: $330.00
  15. Hi guys! I am a student and I recently bought a Platinum #3776 Century Bourgogne in EF from a reputable eBay seller. I received the pen and I spent 4 hours trying to get it to start and put down a consistent black line. I'm using Noodler's Heart of Darkness. I tried - flushing, cleaning, reinking, cartridge and converter, spreading the tines a little and repeated the whole process many times. I managed to get it to write properly for about an hour but then it started putting down inconsistent lines again. It mostly does this on the faster strokes or on an upstroke. When it is skipping, I pul
  16. I've read a lot on here regarding the perceived scratchiness of extra fine nibs. It appears to be a very real phenomenon. What I haven't come across so much are the theories and facts as to why this occurs. I understand how it can and does occur in flex nibs, ie the inside edge of tine can only be smoothed a tiny amount before causing ink to lose connection with the paper. I don't understand how it happens with nails. I understand the difference between feedback and scratchiness. In the main it is scratchiness I am concerned about. However, if you've come across a particular nib made of a
  17. Uncial

    Platignum 3776

    Quite a while ago - well, a few years ago if I am honest - I bought a Platignum 3776 from a large newsagents that normally didn't hold a lot of pens, butt hey had this one and I like the look of it. At the time I had my trusty little Sheaffer Prelude (I know; one of the world's most hated pens and all that, but I like it - sentimental reasons mainly) in daily use mode, so the Platignum went in a drawer and stayed there until a few months ago. I took it out and inked it up and it had a nib from hell. Since then the newsagents has been taken over by another company who will not honour the purch
  18. For a limited time, get 20% off all Platinum products! Everything is included, from the great #3776 fountain pens to the bargain Platinum Preppy. Explore our complete range of Platinum products here: http://www.cultpens.com/c/q/brands/platinum We're also offering the same discount on all Diplomat products (excluding the Spacetec range!). This includes the newly arrived - to us at least - Aero and Excellence A Plus ranges. You can view our Diplomat range here: http://www.cultpens.com/c/q/brands/diplomat
  19. Hey Everyone! This is my first Review, so take a look and let me know what you think! I know there have been a ton of reviews on the 3776 series in general, but I have not seen much about the "C" Double-Broad nib. Thanks!!
  20. As I like my Bourgogne (EF nib), I decided to get the Chartres Blue with an F nib. I saw many pictures of this pen and I am pleased with the actual pen in my hand. Compared to the other #3776 resin body pens, the Chartres Blue (and Bourgogne) is nicely weighed and seems to be well made. I am holding this pen with the Platinum converter; so, the weight of the converter is also contributing to this weight. I like the slip seal cap mechanism and the friction fit closing of the cap. Platinum's friction fit closing is different from the one with MB's Writer's edition. It is difficult to expla
  21. aswinsainarain

    A Platinum Sai Pen From Okinawa

    Here is the story of my purchase of a Platinum Sai FP from Toguchi store in Okinawa, and a brief review of this lovely pen! [Also see: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php/topic/201123-toguchi-pens-in-okinawa/] [A copy of this review in my blog fpensnme.blogspot.com].
  22. Introduction of the introduction: I’ve been a lurker for years, and own probably way too many pens for my own good. While there are certainly no shortage of reviews for a myriad of pens on this forum, when I am trying to decide on a pen (in Australia it’s difficult to try before you buy) I like to read as many reviews as possible, so I figured I should probably start reviewing them. Who knows, maybe someone will find them useful, so unless I get told how awful I am, I will continue to slowly review my collection. I’ve shamelessly copied some common aspects of reviews from others, as well as al
  23. I love turning my cartridge/converter pens into eyedroppers because it is easy and lets me hold so much more ink. However, I have a Platinum Century 3776 pen that I am having trouble converting. I want to convert it because it is in the semi-transparent blue color, which makes it lovely for eyedropper filling, and I just love the way the pen writes. However, these pens have a small golden band near the bottom of the barrel that leaks out ink if I eyedropper fill it. Is there any way that you guys know of to seal this seam so that it does not leak ink? Right now I just wrap it in a single layer
  24. betweenthelens

    Platinum 3776 Koi With Music Nib

    This is my new pen, the Platinum Koi 3776 with music nib against vintage kimono silk and blue felt. A review may be forthcoming. Thanks for looking! http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_9018_zpsa0156a52.jpg http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_9029_zps8f1f8ca1.jpg http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_9025_zps1c12aabb.jpg http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_9041_zps01f09c30.jpg The band reads: Japan, Platinum and 3776. http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_9033_zps08
  25. Hello all, For Christmas this year, my wife surprised me with a really lovely little Platinum 3776 Sai Demonstrator pen with a Fine-Medium nib. I was writing with it a bit, and while I love it, I'm tempted to have the nib modified by John Mottishaw. I haven't decided if I want to go with a fine stub or an added flex mod so I'd like to see some examples of his work if you guys have them handy. The Nibs.com site mentions that the Platinum 14K nibs are especially well-suited to nib modifications so I'd like to have this guy made special... I do have a Pendleton Point Fine Stub on a TWSBI 540 th

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