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  1. https://www.platinum-pen.co.jp/news/10162/ Well, I guess a translucent red with maple leaf pattern - a much brighter red than 2017's Shungyo.
  2. Yesterday I received a flat-topped Platinum 3776 with a snap-on cap, consistent with those described as '2nd generation' in threads here such as the one linked to at the end of this post. I was a bit surprised to find that the cartridge it came with is different from what I thought is a standard for Platinum (my 3 other Platinum pens from around the same era, though none of them 3776's, use the 'normal' Platinum cartridge). The cartridge in this pen has no lip, a wider mouth, no ball inside, the plastic is materially different, and is slightly longer. The 'normal' Platinum cartridge doesn't fi

    • For Sale
    • Used

    I will sell Platinum #3776 Balance with the Music nib ground to Contrast Italic. Fountain pen in very good condition with long nib( type 20), production in April 2010. Only a pen is included. The width of the ordinary line with the right side for vertical direction is 1.0mm, and for horizontal direction 0.2mm. The flow ink is likely to moderate than wet. I consciously made the reverse side sharper and almost did not polish the writing edge. The width line by reverse side: in vertical direction is 0.9mm, and in horizontal direction in 0.1-0.15mm. There is no scratching. After processing and polishing, feedback has noticeably decreased, but is still present. I think with dry ink it will be clearly noticeable. Payment by any cards through the Payoneer system(personal invoice) or through Moneygram if it is more convenient (unfortunately PayPal in Ukraine does not work to accept money). The fountain pen is in Ukraine, shipping by avia priority recommended package with tracking. On average, delivery to Europe and USA is about 2 weeks. Reduced. Reasonable offers are welcome! Detailed description: http://lenskiy.org/2020/05/ground-music-to-crisp-italic-modern-platinum-3776-blanace/


    - UA

  4. From the album: Japanese pens

    The patterns around the cap or body on a Platinum #3776 Celluloid pen is unlikely to be seamlessly continuous because, as Platinum Pen explained: Source: https://www.platinum-pen.co.jp/e_spec_explanation.html#celluloid

    © A Smug Dill

  5. From the album: Size and shape comparisons

    From left to right: Platinum #3776 Century, Chartres Blue with rhodium trim Sailor Shikiori Hisakata ‘Stardust’, as an example of the Procolor 500 Sailor Professional Gear Imperial Black edition, as an example of the full-sized ProGear ‘Classic’ Sailor Profit Black Luster, as an example in the Profit Large (aka 1911 Large) form factor Sailor Proske (Nagasawa Stationery Center exclusive ‘Profit Skeleton’), as an example of the Profit Standard (aka 1911 Standard) See also:

    © A Smug Dill

  6. From the album: Size and shape comparisons

    From left to right: Platinum #3776 Century, Chartres Blue with rhodium trim Sailor Shikiori Hisakata ‘Stardust’, as an example of the Procolor 500 Sailor Professional Gear Imperial Black edition, as an example of the full-sized ProGear ‘Classic’ Sailor Profit Black Luster, as an example in the Profit Large (aka 1911 Large) form factor Sailor Proske (Nagasawa Stationery Center exclusive ‘Profit Skeleton’), as an example of the Profit Standard (aka 1911 Standard) See also:

    © A Smug Dill

  7. Hello all, I open this thread here because I guess it will be read by more people than in the classifieds. I have a Platinum 3776 with a broken feed, and I need a new one. If any of you has one spare i can buy, or knows where I can find one, I would be very grateful. Thank you. Vron M.
  8. http://www.platinum-pen.co.jp/fountainpen_century_new.html Looks to me the base price of the Black in Black, Chartres Blue and Bourgogne models of the Platinum #3776 Century is going up from JPY 10,000 to JPY 13,000, in parity with the new Chenonceau White and Laurel Green models. Platinum will be using new product model numbers to reflect the new price, but I don't see anything else that's different about the 'new' models.
  9. Waski_the_Squirrel

    Trim Ring, Celluloid Platinum 3776

    A while back, I purchased a celluloid Platinum 3776 pictured here. The trouble is, the wide trim ring at the base of the cap is loose. I finally cleaned it up and put it in my case after getting way too much use out of it. Today, I pulled it out and the trim ring stayed. It is friction fit onto the pen right now, but very loose and easy to turn. I'm nervous about using superglue, since it's a celluloid pen. Is there a glue I can use in a really tiny amount to hold the trim ring in place? It has to bond metal to celluloid.
  10. Platinum #3776 Century in Laurel Green (with gold trim) and 14K gold Fine nib now ¥8,824 (inclusive of 8% domestic consumption tax) sold and shipped by Amazon.co.jp. That's the first time I've seen any of the Laurel Green pens, which debuted at an MSRP of ¥13,000+tax, offered by a major retailer for less than ¥9,000 (but maybe I haven't been watching too closely, since I already have so many other #3776 pens with 14K gold Fine nibs).
  11. (Disclaimer: This will be a long review of my favorite pen in my current collection. If you want to read just the review, skip to Packaging. Plus, this review is going to be picture heavy.) Introduction: India is a land of great intellectuals and the longevity of the race to reach the top is pretty staggering. May it be an exam that can decide your future or a Periodic Test in Grade 10, exams play a vital role in a student’s life in India. This holds for Indians living in abroad as well. So, it started with me studying hard for my Periodic Tests 2 and I was really hoping to top and get a pe
  12. NotAWiz4rd

    Platinum 3776 Maki-E

    I'm currently eyeing a Platinum 3776 Century Maki-e Sansui. I wasn't able to find a lot of reviews or info on this pen. Does anyone here have experience with the pen? Is it worth the extra money over the Platinum Kanazawa? How does the artwork hold up over several years of use? Are there any specific reasons (except design) to choose the Platinum over the Sailor/Pilot equivalents (or the other way around)?
  13. How is everyone's experience with the effectiveness of the cap seal on Platinum #3776 fountain pen models not designated Century, and are thus without the "Slip and Seal" mechanism? The celluloid models with product identifiers PTB-30000S (as opposed to the current production batches identified as PTB-35000S, which are obviously more expensive but designated Century), and earlier batches of the models with briarwood barrels (PTB-30000BN and PTB-50000BS), were not designated Century. I have one of the earlier brown tortoiseshell celluloid models and two of the briarwood models, and today I d
  14. https://youtu.be/FxlVOQ9t6fg Hey Party People. Here's a review I did of the Platinum 3776 Century. Check it out if you get the chance. Thanks!
  15. The Platinum #3776 Century Yakusugi cedar fountain pen with 14K gold Fine nib is presently being offered (sold by Amazon US, so I'd say from a reliable seller) for what I think is an awesome bargain price on Amazon.com.au, especially from the perspective of an Australian consumer. International shipping charges often kill what is nominally a good deal, but if you have Prime membership with Amazon Australia, shipping is free for this item; furthermore, unlike buying from eBay.com.au, GST is inclusive in this price. The Japanese domestic RRP for this is ¥50,000 (about A$639 at the current exc
  16. https://p-bandai.jp/item/item-1000130670/?rt=pr&fbclid=IwAR1FfIOac7LqGthhhQt3h5iMfbLyNv6bSZg9dvnRVLig5JWQ1-0xwStnD5M Expected, but why Zabi? Where's the generic Zeon or Earth Federation versions? I guess I'll have to hold out longer...
  17. KingRoach

    Platinum 3776 Nib And Feed

    Hello all, I have managed to get a Platinum 3776 pen body without a feed or nib. Is there anywhere I can get a nib and feed (cheaply, I hope), for this pen? Any nib size will do for now as I'd just like to put this pen to use again. Alternatively, I'm happy to fit any non OEM feeds and nibs that simply fit this pen. I don't think other feeds will fit due to the very long tail, but I guess other no.6 nibs might fit in the end. So mainly need the feed, then a nib. Any help is much appreciated. Best
  18. penzel_washinkton

    Platinum 3776 Nibs Manufacture

    Just want to share with all FP enthusiasts here, the manufacturing video of Platinum 3776 gold nibs: [media=400] [/media] Love the work ethic and passion shown in the making of the nibs (and with nice cheerful music to boot). Although kind of awkward to see some of the forced smile at the end (IMO). Sorry if this has been posted previously.
  19. http://www.platinum-pen.co.jp/e_fountainpen_century_kumpoo.html I really like the turquoise color and the wavy pattern on the pen. This one really caught me by surprise, from no news a few days ago and now with a release date of July 1.
  20. http://p-bandai.jp/item/item-1000123208/?rt=pr So after the two limited edition Gundam-themed fountain pens (Zabi and Char), Platinum and Bandai has teamed up again to create 3776 Fountain Pen of Vist (Vist Foundation is one of groups from Gundam UC). The bad news is that it only comes with 14k fine nib. Price at 27000 yen and scheduled for delivery in May.
  21. I have a Chartres blue 3776 with a music nib and love it. I picked up a Bourgogne red Century in a soft fine a while back but the nib is not exactly what I was expecting. Consequently I dont use the pen much. I think I had much different expectations of the nib that its just not meant for. I do love the red though! I really would like to swap the nib for a Platinum music nib on the Bourgogne pen and save the SF nib for a different pen. The SF has its place but I would get much more use out of the red pen with a music nib. Is it possible to get a hold of just a Platinum music nib individ
  22. Ronderick

    Platinum 3776 Oshino

    http://www.platinum-pen.co.jp/press_30210_2.html Seems like a very quiet announcement, especially given the previous fanfare behind the 3776 NICE Lavender. The price is set at 20,000 yen, so it looks like its more under the NICE category (the code ends with "A" instead of "S" for the NICE Century pens). Also, it seems that the serial number comes with the card for first-run pens, similar to the Lavender.
  23. I got a fountain pen for Christmas It's a Platinum #3776 Century with an ultra-extra-fine nib. I normally write with a Pilot Penmanship (or that nib in another pen) which is an Extra Fine, so I was expecting it to be finer than that. I was surprised to find, though, that the Platinum seems to be very dry, and that the black ink I'm using looks more like grey - actually it looks more like pencil, to me. I can make more ink come out, without really noticeably affecting the line width, but only if I apply quite a bit of pressure - I normally write quite lightly. I've flushed the pen through wit
  24. 1791thinkshop

    Looking To Try An Uef Pen.

    I write really small when for myself (notes, lists, the ever present 5"x8" cards {gasp})... so I want to try an UEF. I generally write with EF and Stub but it's time I try an UEF. Ive found a Platinum Century #3776 UEF for $73 USD delivered. So first, is that a fair deal? Two, is there a cheaper UEF pen for me to try before jumping into a century? Thanks to you all in advance. -B
  25. gibbs

    Temperamental 3776

    I recently purchased my third 3776 this time in a medium instead of a fine like my other 2 and while my other 2 are great writers. the new one is a bit temperamental as to why stumps me as at home it took a bit to start when I first inked it up but I expect that with cartridges but once it got writing its great and I can pick it up anytime and it writes great. The past two days I decided to take the pen to work to use as my day to day pen and it's been nothing but trouble it seemed to struggle to start writing and when it did start while it was fine it would stop just as quick it worked a b

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