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  1. As indicated in the recent POA topic, Montblanc is releasing donation pen in wood made from the only tree left standing in a forest in Tohoku after the 2011 Fukushima earthquake. Price is going to be about $4400 (520K Yen) with 20% going to support the relief efforts. You can find more details here. Here's a shot of the pen that's circulating with the various news stories, this one taken from Japan Today: There's no indication as to whether the pen is a 149 or 146 size, but I generally like the design that (at least to me) takes a lot from the Aubrac, which is not surprising since it's th
  2. Hey everyone! So, in the past month or so that I've been active on the forum, I've really fallen in love with you all. I've been thinking of a way to show it and, as the title suggests, I think I came up with a great one. From now until September 30th, if you grab one of the "Ultimate Pen Polish" kits, you will get an entry to win a BRAND NEW Montblanc LeGrand Fountain pen. http://i.imgur.com/ZJQCtE5.jpg As always, you will get the FPN discount of ~20% off, as well as free domestic shipping, at-cost international shipping, and a free micro-fiber polishing cloth! And, of course, you
  3. jmccarty3

    My First Montblanc - 47 Years Ago

    We grew up writing with fountain pens in my generation, even in far West Texas. I wrote exclusively with Sheaffers, including a PFM Snorkel, until I was given a Parker 75 when I graduated from high school. I knew nothing of European or Asian pens, and even though fountain pen addiction had already claimed me as a victim, it was in a state of American innocence that I traveled to Memphis, Tennessee in 1967 to begin college at a small school called Southwestern-at-Memphis. One Saturday, I was walking around downtown Memphis when I passed by a tobacconist's shop. There in the front window was t
  4. hazelnut

    Carrying Case For 149?

    Hellos fellow owners of 149, I am an owner of a new 149, and was wondering for those who carry their pens with them everywhere in their pockets, do you have a carrying case for your 149 to prevent resin scratch or do you just carry it case-less in the shirt pocket? Are fountain pen fans big on preventing blemishes or is it more like scratches gives them character type of philosophy? And if you use cases what brand and type? Thanks in advance.
  5. perth

    Mb 149

    The origin of this pen is still a mystery to me. My mum found a MB box amongst her old clothes, and gave it to me. She doesn’t recall exactly where she got it, but assumed that it was some of the things left behind by my grandmother after she passed away. Nobody’s sure where it came from, but regardless it performs very well and I’m glad my mum decided to throw out some old clothes! Note: When there are 2 rating, the top is for my satisfaction, while the lower is for how much it could do, for that particular category. For example, I might be extremely satisfied with a stiff nib (5/5) but t
  6. fpupulin

    Practicizing Carolingian

    My wife gifted to me a great book on the history of calligraphy, Claude Mediavilla’s Calligraphie – Du signe calligraphié à la peinture abstract. Really a splendid journey through the styles of characters and writing in history, fulfilled with magnificent examples, and a solid manual on how to produce an elegant lettering. It is, without doubts, the best book I ever saw on this matter, worthy any single penny it costs. I am now learning Carolingian, and I made some practice with two 149, fitted with BB and OB nibs (Toffe brown and Parker red inks respectively), a F nib 146 with MB black
  7. I've recently got a virtually new 149 medium nib off ebay, but the nib frequently skips. I can write with it fine, but as I say it skips and I get a lot of feedback, and if I wanted that I could have made do with a Jinhao 159. I wouldn't mind swapping the nob for a broad, but does anyone have any tips about how to make it write smoother as it is? Thanks
  8. perth

    Montblanc 149 Nib Tipping

    My mum's just found a 149 lying around in one of her drawers. It looks like it has never been inked, and is in overall mint condition. Except, I've noticed that the nib tipping on the underside seems almost nonexistent. Compared to other nibs, this seems very strange. Is this normal, or could it possibly be a damage to the nib? Compared to other nibs
  9. So I am new to this forum and I am debating on whether to purchase a vintage 149 or a 149 75th 1924. I understand the vintage ones were better made compared to the modern ones so I guess does this hold true for the 75th one as well? Is it just a decked out 149 in a modern and not as durable body like the vintage ones produced way back when. Just looking for honest opinions. What would you buy? Thanks so much for shedding light on my question.
  10. WCable1

    Is This A Fine Or Medium Nib?

    Hi, I'm looking for a 149 on eBay, ideally with a medium nib or higher. I've heard elsewhere that as they're handground montblanc nibs can vary in size. Here are some photos of one where I'm not sure of it's size. I'd really appreciate people's opinions:
  11. william2001

    90 Years. 149, Classique, Or Legrand?

    I am planning to buy a Montblanc Meisterstuck 90 Years fountain pen. Should I buy 149, Classique, or LeGrand? Thanks in advance, William S. Park
  12. Hi, I am looking got get a big FP with a very big springy nib for every day use from general writing to signature use. I prefer brand new, even though there are great deals to be had in the used pen market because I feel the used market is risky. Also, I like the idea I was the only person who used the pen. I've reconciled with the idea of carrying a $1000 pen outside of my house. Thus, I am considering getting either a regular 149 or the 90th anniversary 149. I know most of the positive reasons to get a 149. What are reasons NOT to get the MB 149? I'll start the list: * The 149 resin is
  13. Good afternoon everyone. Thought I would post some pics I took of my 149 (first few are underexposed for silhouetting purposes). She's almost a year old now =) http://maia.site90.net/temp/photos/montblanc/_DSC8702_1024.jpg http://maia.site90.net/temp/photos/montblanc/_DSC8703_1024.jpg http://maia.site90.net/temp/photos/montblanc/_DSC8734_1024.jpg http://maia.site90.net/temp/photos/montblanc/_DSC8741_1024.jpg http://maia.site90.net/temp/photos/montblanc/_DSC8747_1024.jpg http://maia.site90.net/temp/photos/montblanc/_DSC8771_1024.jpg http://maia.site90.net/temp/photos/montblanc/_DS
  14. Dillonjamesbrown

    Mont Blanc Nib Alignment Issue

    I have a Mont Blanc 159, from the early 90's and the nib is ever so slightly misaligned which is leading so some feed issues. It's unlikely that it will require a new nib or anything, can anybody suggest a ball park figure for the cost of a service? Any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated
  15. Here's a glimpse of how hand crafted nibs of the same "tip" size can be so different from one another... Top to bottom: 149 BBB←, 146 BBB←, 144 BBB─ Close up 149 BBB, My least favorite 146 BBB, So far so good 144 BBB, The overkill It definitely wasn't easy finding three BBB in different models, but it was a fun trip. In essence, it's not the actually nib size that matters, but rather the size of the writing tip that does the talking-- or writing, whichever expression you prefer. Questions and comments are welcome! Bob
  16. Received my Jinhao 159 today along with a Goulet 2-tone Medium Nib. Gave the pen a good flush with the feed and everything before attaching on the Goulet Nib. It's a tad lighter than I expected, and the feel of the body doesn't feel quite like my X750s do (they feel like paint on brass/steel), but didn't feel plastic either, I think it's a lacquer of some sort on the barrel.I know inside it appears to be brass or such, just the lacquer or whatever it is caught me off guard in terms of what I expected to feel. Feels good in the hand, but I wouldn't write with the cap posted, and the s
  17. Hi all So I currently write with a superbly adjusted Raden Vanishing Point with a fine nib from Richard Binder. I am always looking at other pens and often drool over many of them. I would like your thoughts on this..... For my second purchase and indeed second fountain pen, do I go for the MB149 which I so like, or the new 1912 Heritage edition? The 149 appeals to me because of its size and indeed 'reputation' and even its Heritage is already established. The new 1912 appeals to me because of the twist mechanism and it does not half look good! lol. However, its means unscrewing the cap AND t
  18. This is just a bit of a rant, and probably not the correct forum, but I was watching an auction for a 149 on the bay. The pictures were kind of vague and after no bids the same person made 5 bids, another person came in and raised in by $1 UDS the that same person made another bit for $200 USD more!?!?!? This is also after checking the hidden bids. Does this kind of thing happen a lot?
  19. Cyclopentadiene

    Authenticity Of New Mbs On Ebay?

    Hi all, a question from someone who's relatively new to Mont Blanc pens... I've been looking at getting a new a pen for a very special event next year and I'm considered getting my first 146 or 149. Obviously the boutique prices are rather heavy, over here in the U.K. at least. Yet on eBay certain sellers with good feedback are selling what they purport to be authentic pens with significant discounts. My question is - as Montblanc has such a tight noose on prices, could it be possible that truly authentic MBs are available on such sites? Apologies in advance if this question seems naive,
  20. Garyfph

    Is This A Real Montblanc 149?

    Hi all, I am new to the network and Mb. Just like to seek your opinion on this one: http://www.ebay.com/itm/MONTBLANC-149-18K-GOLD-4810-GERMANY-FOUNTAIN-PEN-/121188100268?_trksid=p2047675.l2557&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEWAX%3AIT&nma=true&si=P408WesOAqhvVNaLx2xAbxHSFIE%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc . Is it a real one? What made me thinking was the nib is two tone (?) instead of the "gold-platinum-gold" color I saw in shops. Sorry if this sounds too elementary. Thanks & Best Regards,
  21. Hello and I hope this won't be too difficult a problem! I have an old 149, most probably from the 60's or 70's with plastic threads and grooved ebonite (face + shank) feed, and 14c nib (more flexi). The piston isn't operational! The upper part of the piston twists out completely with the piston screw off the pen with its cap, the screw twists freely in the cap round and round (not out), is this normal or should it be lodged inside? this model differs in the way that the grooves for the wrench tool for the piston are not lower on the barrel next to the gold ring as they are these days, The
  22. WCable1

    Is This A Genuine 149?

    Hi everyone, this is my first post here at FPN and I could use some advice concerning an MB 149 on ebay I've got my eye on. To put this in context I've purchased one off ebay before and it turned out to be fake. The nib even though it was a medium wrote appallingly and when I expected it the gold colouring on the nib was coming off at the edges and was clearly steel underneath. This new one looks more promising but you can see that the rhodium section spills over to the gold section at points (that's a really bad description I know but it's late). Is that the sign of a fake or just overspill f
  23. Bigeddie

    A Different 149 Or A Frankenpen?

    Hi all, I just picked up a 149 from (you've guessed it) eBay, It has a lot to answer for. Based on it's parts it is from around 1990-1991, but I haven't seen anything quite like it. This is exciting and worrying at the same time. Opinions please: Nib: 18K duotone (Left Oblique Medium) Threads: Brass Cap band: W. Germany Serial: EB100379 Feed: Ebonite I was particularly interested to know if the serial number had any significance. I know they came in around this time. I don't know if it's something of an anomaly, or if it is made up of odd parts. There is some damage to the threads
  24. Hi everyone, In my never-ending (and expensive) quest for vintage MB pens, I noticed a 60's era 149 w/an 18C nib that was just listed on eBay here and ends just before 6 PM (EDT) today; the pen has an 18C (not K) nib and looks like it's in pretty good condition. Note that the seller only ships to US, so this might appeal only to those already in the states. DISCLAIMER 1: I'm just posting this in case some FPN'ers in the US might not have noticed this and the auction end is very soon. If it violates the FPN rules, the mods have the right to remove this topic. DISCLAIMER 2: I'm associate
  25. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Montblanc-Meisteruck-No-149-18C-1967-Vintage-/261241879432?_trksid=p2047675.l2557&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEWNX%3AIT&nma=true&si=0AmleNXDwE%252FY%252F%252BqKaRGbuVsiLks%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc I've always wanted an early 149. How did I do?

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