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  1. RayCornett

    Serial Number Engraving And Font

    I am used to seeing a more digital looking fond with serifs and more angular font. Is this good? EDIT- I forgot to mention previously that the owner did have this 149 serviced by Montblanc and has that paperwork.
  2. RayCornett

    14K Vs. 18K Experience

    For those who have 149s with 14k nibs as well as 18k nibs which do you prefer and why? I have a chance to exchange my 149 with a 14k f-m nib for one with an 18k ef nib. I love the finer grind but am wondering if there are any differences that make it worth the exchange.
  3. RayCornett

    Baby's Bottom

    Is baby's bottom common in Montblancs? My 149 from 1990 has it but it writes flawlessly. I didn't even know it had BB until I was looking at the nib with a loupe days after I got it just to look at the nib up close.
  4. RayCornett

    149 F-M Nib Question

    Is this a common appearance on F-M nibs? The extra tipping on the face side of the nib. I didn't notice the baby's bottom while writing but it is definitely there although it writes very well.
  5. aliflee

    Montblanc 149 Real Or Fake

    Hi Guys, Just having a look on eBay, an online retail shop selling the Meisterstuck 149 Red Gold. They have two of these and many other various Montblanc pens, wonder if you could let me know if it is legitimate or not. Here is the link below: http://www.ebay.com.my/itm/381255645201?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649 Kind Regards,
  6. RayCornett

    149 Feed Markings

    I have not see an 1990s feed like this one although I am told by a few that it is all good. What does the A mean on the feed?
  7. Call me crazy.. is it possible to swap a Montblanc nib onto a Pelikan nib unit? did some research without any findings. Looking at the Pelikan M1000, the nib looks awfully disproportionate while the Montblanc 149 nib looks asthetically more pleasant. My question is.. has anyone tried to swapping a 149 nib in a M1000? or a 146 nib in a M800? I know it's a sacrilege to do/ask that ):
  8. This is more of a question being put to "fans". My wife recently gave me a MB 149 90th Anniversary FP for my birthday; frankly, I believe it was mismarked due to the surprisingly low price for this out of production specialty pen, but no matter. The nib was an "F", which I gave a whirl, but since I preferred a larger nib and it was within the allotted timeframe, we had it returned to the MB factory for a "Medium" nib replacement after assurances were given that yes, it would be replaced with another special 90th anniversary nib. It came back a couple weeks ago with a "90" nib that appears
  9. jjdicarlo

    Help Me Date My 149 Pls?

    Just lost my dear daddy. Inherited his 149 18C Tri-color. Am trying to date the pen and learn an estimated value (even though it is priceless to me). I recall my dad using the pen in the mid- to late 70s, but I don't know exactly when he purchased it. I do believe it is from the 70s though. Any opinions?
  10. Today i finally received one of my all time grail pens. whilst my main focus is the WE editions i could not pass up the chance to buy this 149 as i had always wanted one from the first time i laid eyes on it in a post on FPN back in 2010. This is therefore my review of the Montblanc 149 75th Anniversary Limited Edition 1924. http://i.imgur.com/ZBwUnrz.jpg Whilst in reality it is just a modified 149, it isn't in fact just a modified 149. The rose gold trim is markedly..well rose.... unlike the current 90th Anniversary edition that is somewhere in between this one and a regular yellow gol
  11. Hello All, Hope you're having a good week. There are rare pens and then there are super rare pens, this one is firmly the latter. We're delighted to be offering this stunning factory demonstrator Montblanc Meisterstuck 149 Fountain Pen. The pen has never been inked and is presented in outstanding condition (a couple of tiny hairlines on the barrel, but that's like being picky about a brush stroke on a Monet - your black 149 will probably have these, you just can’t see them). This pen has a fantastic history, with it being owned from new by the MD of a major pen retailer - it was used t
  12. Ricardocruz

    Hello From Porto, Portugal

    Hello everybody! Ive learned to write with a rather regular Pelikan pen in 1978. Because of that Ive always loved fountain pens, specially Montblanc models. Last week Ive found a second-hand 144 M nib in an online shop. Ive bought it and got quite happy with it. However, I felt I needed something else... So I went to a retail store here and got a real treat. Ive bought a brand new Montblanc 149 90th Anniversary Edition with a F nib. Im extremely happy with it, as you might guess! Cheers!
  13. Hello guys, I would love to get some opinion on the size of pen. I've been thinking about getting the famous 146 (which I would have to order online, probably some nice second-hand if available--don't have any place to buy MB in my area) but I'm not sure if it will really fits my small hand. In my collection, I have: 145 classic Poe (away for fix) St. Exupery 2017 149 (Oh, well...) - I've been using either Lamy2000 or 145 as my edc, both of which are pretty nice to hold. - Poe is good also (as far as I can remember, hadn't used it that much). - 2017 St. Exupery is somehow not something
  14. Lszuk

    149 Nib Discoloration

    I am considering purchasing this 149 from the 1980s. Does anyone know how to remove the dark discoloration on the nib. As you can see from the side picture, there is an area that is lighter as compared with the rest of the nib.
  15. illusion1259

    149 Nib In 1960's

    1960's nib looks ilike a hawk's beak. Is it normal status? I can see the other one in 1960's has same nib. Thank you!
  16. Where can we buy this tool? Or Is there any other way to disassemble the filler of 1960's?
  17. Margi

    Montblanc 149 Feed

    High, I am looking for a Montblanc 149 feed, can any one help, Mike

    Need Help Putting A Date On My 149

    I once again need the help of the FPN members to put a date on an item, This time its a Mont Blanc 149 Fountain Pen. IT doesn't have a serial number so that tells me it's pre-1991. I'm hoping that the photos I'm showing can give other FPN members enough information to be able to provide me with a more exact date for this pen. I read in another post what photos FPN members like to see in order to help identify and date the 149. FPN member Prem Ruby had a post with the list and with the exception of the vent in the cap (which I can not locate), I have provided numerous photos (probably more
  19. Just collected my 90th Anniversary 149 with customised "signature nib" in 6B. I will upload some "writing" (or more probably signature samples) soon.
  20. illusion1259

    Grand Canyon Slit Problem On 18C Nib?

    I got two montblanc 149 pens that has 18c EF nib. By the way, they both have Grand Canyon Slit. Is it normal state in vintage 149 18c 'ef' nib? Or just my pen's defect? I think this slight grand canyon slit intend to make smooth flow for narrow nib. Tell me what you think about this! Thank you!
  21. My Original Montblanc 149 — Background and Age Estimation ~ After reading through the entire thread begun by DKbRS titled “Dating Montblanc 149s” I was deeply impressed by the careful thought which he, Barry Gabay and others gave to developing an approach to estimating the dates of 149s. Their resulting graph is both comprehensive and practical, enabling a novice like yours truly to easily follow and understand. A comment in the thread by jar made a strong impression on me: “Gifts are Beyond Price”. His wise thought especially resonated with me because my original introduction to Mon
  22. These are two of my 149's, the one on the top is a 1950's celluloid 149 with the words "Made in Germany" on the cap. The one below has a celluloid cap without the "Made in Germany" imprint. This one however has a later (Non-Celluloid) resin barrel. Although the caps look similar, the one on the top has the early curved clip. In addition, the cap of the early pen will fit the resin barrel, while the cap of the resin pen will not fit the celluloid barrel. I would appreciate some insight and feedback from my Montblanc friends out there. All the best! J
  23. zaddick

    My Celluloid 149 Journey

    I am embarking on the journey of having a 149 refurbished, and I would like to share my story as it happens with all of you. Hopefully you will feel better about your good pen buying decisions and maybe even cheer on the successful rehab of an old pen. As they say, let’s begin at the beginning… Thanks to this forum and all the lovely vintage pen photos, I decided I want to get my hands on a silver rings, celluloid 149. The fool that I am, of course, I did not want to just pay the good folks at Penboard.de for a near mint condition pen. Instead one night, while paying for an eBay auction win

    Montblanc149 Trends Table

    Nice to meet you, everybody. It is 【SHIRABOSI】! I upload a change list of Mont Blanc 149 which I made this time for three years. As for having made a change list of all parts from a debut of 1952 to 2012, I am original. I am a Japanese, and make this list in Japanese; better r た. I used Google translation on the occasion of translation. It is unknown, but, please look at the neighborhood in generosity whether it is translated definitely. Thank you very much for your help. If this becomes 149 Bible of everybody, it is very happy. and・・・ I am glad when you can come to my blog to play. http://blo
  25. The beginning Once in a while one is thinking about the obvious…. Said to be an iconic brand and supported by true believers over naysayers. After some thorough thoughts I had made the decision that a Montblanc would suit my rather modest - I would not call it a collection - bunch of fountain pens. Whether it will be as a total victim of marketing or just out of curiosity to own one of these; it actually doesn’t matter anymore… After browsing the classifieds for a while I managed to get my hands on a late 80’s model that was part of a collection. The owner was selling the pens he was never

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