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  1. If the greater putative of this portable desk - of mahogany, as mine is, or of walnut, as is the preferment of many - is the tang of its somptuosité as opposed to the tawdry affability of our contemporary polymers, it also is putative of a more niche utility - that of a library furniture of utility in a private library (this being denotive of not necessarily a room so delineated; rather, a collection, not necessarily a Yates Thompson's, nor a Graham Greene's), quite as unfailing and quite as crisp an indispensability as shelves themselves. The integument of this can, as can its Chicago screws, ladle trade paperbacks and certain hardbacks as fondly as they can notebooks (head-stapled or otherwise) of A5 or more diminutive proportions. The grotto ordinalis of the pattern on the example I received is gently hermetic, while the pen rest in toto does suffice to cradle my 149. It is, all things brought to the boughs, to not be denied as an inadmissible that the Customs may charge varyingly up to forty percent - this does not, however, diminishes the note board's equipoise of attributes.
  2. So hello to all. It's been awhile since I have posted on here. So here is my tiny question. I have 2 149s. One is the calligraphy and the other is a vintage with the ebonite feed. I was contemplating sending the vintage one in to Nibsmith for a grind to either a stub, CSI, or CI. I guess I am not sure if it is worth changing the M nib in favor of something else when I already have the flex Calligraphy. Will I be let down and gravitate back to the flex more even after grinding down the 149 to a different nib? Should I just leave it as a M nib? I have never written with a CI or CSI style nib. I have only written with a metal stub and I am certain it is totally different experience with an 18k nib. I could just sell it off and just keep my 149 Calligraphy, but it is nice to have a vintage piece. Just trying to decide what is the best course of action. Thank you for any advice you may have and have a great day my fellow writers.
  3. Jawsaw

    2021 149 Medium or Broad

    Hello all, New to fpn, sorry if this has been answered already. I’ve just ordered my first MB - a 149 in M. However I’m now seriously considering using the nib exchange service for a B. Will use the Bond Street store in London if so. The pen will mostly be used for medium - long writing sessions. (I am a college/uni student). So I will be carrying it around carefully in an MB pouch. So for note taking and studying the M should be fine; the thing is that I’d also like the nib to have some thickness and variation for writing cards and signatures etc. For reference I have a Cross Townsend 18k medium nib, which I find a little too thin for cards Any advice regarding M and B modern 149 nibs would be greatly appreciated. BTW, I’m set on the 149 just to save anyone telling me to buy a Pelikan :) Thanks
  4. GWT1

    Weekend acquisitions!!

    My weekend haul, Montblanc No149, Broad nib, Montblanc No32, medium nib
  5. Joshua Pen Collector

    Montblanc Solitaire Platinum 149

    Greetings, I also posted this message in the Introductions forum. Twenty-five years after seeing this model for the first time in a MB boutique, I was finally able to acquire one, used, on eBay. That was no small feat as it involved (a) finding one that was for sale (b) at a reasonable price, and (c) being financially positioned to make the investment. Since I have long scoured the Internet for videos showing the beautiful luster of this pen and never could find one, I am pleased to share pics from the unboxing here. I haven’t written with it yet as I’m pondering what nib tip to affix, perhaps a custom grind. It came with a medium which is the most boring nib size to me (ironic, I know). While this is certainly the most expensive pen I own, my favorite has always been the blue Waterman Edson which I’ve had for two decades. Have a good day. Thanks for reading.
  6. Joshua Pen Collector

    Montblanc Solitaire Platinum 149

    Greetings, Twenty-five years after seeing this model for the first time in a MB boutique, I was finally able to acquire one, used, on eBay. That was no small feat as it involved (a) finding one that was for sale (b) at a reasonable price, and (c) being financially positioned to make the investment. Since I have long scoured the Internet for videos showing the beautiful luster of this pen and never could find one, I am pleased to share pics from the unboxing here. I haven’t written with it yet as I’m pondering what nib tip to affix, perhaps a custom grind. It came with a medium which is the most boring nib size to me (ironic, I know). While this is certainly the most expensive pen I own, my favorite has always been the blue Waterman Edson which I’ve had for two decades. Have a good day. Thanks for reading.
  7. Mob Mentality

    Montblanc 149 piston puzzle

    <a data-flickr-embed="true" href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/192670838@N04" title=""><img src="https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51088053741_90065e7a29_h.jpg" width="1600" height="1200" alt=""></a><script async src="//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js" charset="utf-8"></script> Hello all. I recently purchased a Montblanc 149 in red gold. What is strange is the piston threads on this pen. The pen has an 18k nib however the threads don't appear to be brass looks to almost be a whitish metal has Montblanc changed the piston threads recently? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  8. Hello, I have attached an image with a MB 149 18K bi-tone nib another image with the feed (split-ebonite). The nib has a dot sign in the lower right near the 750 mark. See the attached image. Could someone identify the nib and tell me if the sign/dot on the nib is normal and tell me what is the purpose of that sign? Thank you for your time! Best regards, Florian
  9. ※※ The Expressive ※※ Special Edition Collaboration 149 by Montblanc and Fritz Schimpf ~ Ordered in November, 2019 and Delivered in September, 2020, The Expressive is my fountain pen highlight of 2020. Writing with The Expressive during the past two weeks has been exhilarating, due to the extraordinary fluency possible with the nib. After comments about my sketching and writing experience with The Expressive, a series of images is provided to introduce it to anyone interested. Montblanc in Hamburg, Germany and Fritz Schimpf in Tübingen agreed to develop a special pen to celebrate the 140th anniversary of Fritz Schimpf in 2020. They selected the Montblanc 149 with the nib design used for the 2019 Calligraphy Flex nib, but proceeded to design a unique nib for those who love sketching and writing. Herr Wolfgang Krohn of Montblanc Nib Design, Mr, Axel Nier of Montblanc Nib Production and Herr Sebastian Stolz, Director of Fritz Schimpf, worked together to achieve an ideal design. Although I was aware of the process, I pledged to make no public or private comment about the project, which only ends today with the official introduction of The Expressive. At the close of November of 2019 the pen was ordered with every expectation that it would be on my writing desk in time for the 2020 Lunar New Year. Montblanc did produce the pen and Fritz Schimpf did ship it to my Hong Kong shipping address. Events were such that it was unable to cross the border from Hong Kong into Shenzhen. For well over half a year The Expressive was safely stored in the apartment of my highly reliable and trusted former Peking University medical student, now residing in Hong Kong. Thanks to the good offices of one of my current private students, who operates a major import-export firm, it was brought to me two weeks ago. For two weeks I’ve daily sketched and written with The Expressive, inked with Fritz Schimpf’s outstanding Fritzrot ink. Not only has the experience been entirely trouble-free, it’s been a delight, as the The Expressive’s nib is extraordinarily responsive to the slightest shift in finger pressure. The primary impression I’ve had has been that of incomparable fluency. The ink flow, nib tine flexibility, and the mass of the pen are such that rapid writing or sketching seems effortless. There’s been no skipping, no railroading, no hard starts. Rather, The Expressive has charmed me with its steady performance and elegant style. While the nib has unmistakable flex qualities, it’s more of an all-around easy writing pen, especially suited for those prone to rapid field sketching or jotting quick notes. The only pens on my writing desk which share several of The Expressive’s desirable qualities are a Bespoke 149 Small Signature and a Bespoke Schiller Sketch Nib. The Expressive incorporates all of the qualities one might desire for a pen which is a great writer out of the box, highly responsive to the writing idiosyncrasies of each user. Today The Expressive was inked in Montblanc Royal Blue. The ink shades with striking effect, laying down crisp strokes of varying width achieving a pleasing overall result. Based on my experience, I strongly recommend The Expressive. Montblanc and Fritz Schimpf have utilized their substantial experience to create a lovely writing tool. Technical questions are best addressed to the Fritz Schimpf Web site. What I might offer are the following images, including both sketching and handwriting samples. For those who regularly write East Asian characters, The Expressive is particularly well-suited for producing swift strokes. It’s a joy to use when writing characters. In presenting this information and the images, I’d like to express my gratitude for those whose care and attention to detail made possible The Expressive. Tom Kellie Carefully Packed Initial Unpacking The Expressive Arrives Holding The Expressive Collaboration Pen The Expressive Revealed The Expressive The Expressive Nib Inked in Fritzrot The Expressive Nib Detail Engraved Nib Nib Feed The Expressive At Work Character Pen On Green Glass Writer's Refreshment Inked in Royal Blue Powerful Name for a Splendid Nib Fritz Schimpf
  10. I just received a MB 149 platinum body with no nib and feeder since I already had those two items. The collar was already inserted. The feed goes in until it hits the bottom and the horizontal notch on the nib is just above the barrel. The nib goes in very quickly and when it hits the bottom of the collar, the feeder is the same if not little longer that the nib. I have 4 other MBs and changed nib/feeder with the MB platinum resulting in the same situation: the nib/feeder is too loose for the platinum collar. Questions: Do I need to get a different nib or a feeder (I have plastic feeder similar to the pictures of Platinum on websites)? do I need to get a different feeder? if so will it fit into the Platinum? Thank you for considering my questions. Hal
  11. BVT

    Montblanc 149 Skipping

    Dear fellow fountain pen lovers, I was recently happy enough to find an early 90s Montblanc 149 online, great condition with the box, papers and original ink bottle for a very reasonable price from a reputable seller. The pen arrived the day after I ordered it and was as promised, except for a nib that seems to be a little quirky. It seems to really struggle with some ink starvation (some skipping but more often startup issues). The tines seem to be a tiny bit out of alignment, though not much because it doesn't feel terribly scratchy (a little perhaps, going left to right). Most of the time though, once it gets going, the pen writes ok. It was sold to me as a medium (it is what it says on the box so I don't blame the seller), but looking at it really makes me suspect it is actually some sort of oblique. I have written with these kinds of nibs before with nu issues so I don't think that I'm using it wrong. I was wondering if someone around here happens to have some experience with these issues and knows what my next step should be. I love the pen and want to use it often, but it just doesn't perform as I want it to. Should I try to find a nibmeister in Europe to have a look at it? If so, any suggestions for one in Belgium/the Netherlands? Should I send it to Montblanc to have the nib exchanged or looked at? Is there anything I can do myself? Thank you very much for any tips!
  12. Finally! https://appelboom.com/montblanc-meisterstuck-gt-149-calligraphy-flex-fountain-pen-119699/ Available from september. It seems to have 2 safety restrictions: Under pressure ink flow is cut or starved. Downstroke only. Line width goes from about 0.3 mm (EF) to 1.6 mm (BB). Many of you are more competent than me for commentaries. There are 2 new inks as well. + 2 new decorated pens as well. Good news anyway.
  13. Thought I would post my DIY home nib grind I did on my newly purchased Montblanc 149. I bought the pen on auction for a great price ($300 USD). It was a new old stock (W. Germany made so from 80s-early 90's) never used and in great condition. The nib was a fine & ran VERY dry. I wanted something unique and fun with this pen as I have (too) many fine nib pens. I fixed the flow issues first to get it to write wetter (not too wet as I have some of those too), but it was still just a plain fine nib and was a bit scratchy. I smoothed it to be nice and smooth every which way, but again nothing special. So wanted to make it a fine cursive italic but when I looked into getting it done, there really any places around Vancouver (Canada) that grind nibs. Also, there seems to be a big backlog of pens in the queue for any nibmeisters in the US so pondered doing it myself. I restore & sharpen straight razors as another hobby, and get kitchen knives shaving sharp (I have actually shaved with my Japanese Nakiri knife before). So I looked into how the nib is actually ground and as I have tools to remove material. After doing some reading and watching I thought I would first try it on an super cheap pen that I never used. First up was a Wingsun Hero 590 that I got on eBay for $3.31. The pen had a band fall off right away when I got it and was super cheap. It wrote but nothing special - what can you expect for $3 anyways. So I took it too my stones and within a couple minutes I had a very crisp italic. Then got rid of the smooth edges with a nail buffer and voila, the pen was super fun to write with and performed very well! So then I decided to give the Montblanc a go since this one turned out so well. I spent a little more time on the pen, made sure to go nice and slow and it tuned out great. I had to remove a bit more off the tip as the variation wasn't much at first. But it didn't take much to get it to where I wanted it. Did the same process as on the cheap pen, stones + nail buffer to remove sharpness, and it writes great! Check out the writing samples below of the Wingsun & Montblanc 149. You might not want to grind a high-end pen, but if you've been wanting to play around, order a few cheap pens and see what you can do. I just ordered a Jinhao X750 in broad that I'm going to grind to an italic to see how it goes! Wingsun Hero 590 Writing Sample Montblanc 149 Pen + Writing Sample Nib close up Writing close up
  14. PENRob

    Montblanc Visualised...

    When dedication for the brand and obsession for demonstrators both are present, you eager to combine them... Buying your lath, learning, exercising, being encouraged and trained by a pen authority such as "Fountainbel", someday you reach the satisfaction of realising your dream and making your own pens, this is today ! They contain and represent all visualisation of technique, quality beauty and perfection. Creating and assembling them you understand why they are called "Meisterstück". Generation, system, size, nib... all become "clearely" visual. Maybe the combination of both would be the full perfection, telescoop with nib unit, however no must. Both are joy for the eye. Enjoy with me... Thinking over the post title, came up... Montblanc undressed, Montblanc generations... "Visualised" won and approached mostly my desire of realisation. I look very much forward to your reactions and opinions ! Kind penregards, PENRob Read more about my "penjourney", began 2018, october... https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/340774-making-the-demonstrators-of-my-favorite-pens/page-2?do=findComment&comment=4239401
  15. php2316

    Montblanc Vs Sailor King Of Pen

    Hello Mates, I wish to purchase a large black fountain pen for document signatures. Have narrowed options to two pens: Montblanc 149 Meisterstuck and Sailor King of Pens. I would welcome any comments or recommendations Thank you. Kind regards, Paul
  16. cynegils

    Montblanc 149 Leak Piston

    Hi everyone, I am new to the fountain pen network but have already used the large knowledge base here to guide my recent purchase of a used Montblanc 149 from the 90s. I'm very grateful for the the useful information here. Unfortunately, I may not have read quite enough. The pen arrived yesterday from an antiques store in Spain (I'm in NYC). It came with a little ink inside so I used the pen and found it writes wonderfully. However, while flushing the pen for the first time, I noticed there is a considerable amount of ink on the screws of the piston as you can see in the picture I included (that is supposed to be a shiny brass screw!). Also, I noticed that after a day of flushing, it is still not coming out clear, although it is significantly improving. More importantly, I tried to dry it by surrounding the nib with lint free wipes, and it seems like it could be leaking from either the red arrow, or blue arrow region in the picture of the nib, although I am not sure of this. Is this where a leak would/could form? It seems like there is ink everywhere inside. Most importantly, can this be fixed? If I took it apart, and cleaned and greased the different parts, would this fix whatever is wrong? If not, I'll be trying to return this.
  17. ShakenNotStirred

    Identifying A Vintage Mb149 Nib

    Hi guys, I'm thinking of buying this pen, but the seller doesn't know what nib he has. It looks like an older 14c MB149 nib, but its a bit slanted it seems. Is this an oblique nib? If so, can you speculate which size it could be? Thanks!
  18. Any thoughts or opinions on the Namiki Emperor Vermillion or Montblanc 149 silver rings celluloid? These are obviously stupidly expensive pens so I can be happy if I never buy either but I came across decent deals on each and am considering getting one of them. They are very different pens (except for their prices which are relatively similar) and each are appealing in their own way. I already have a small 149 collection so I am probably leaning towards the Namiki but the 149 is rarer and part of fountain pen history. Are there any other similar pens I should consider?
  19. RayCornett

    Repair Response Letter & Receipt

    To those who have had repairs done by Montblanc, does this look legit?
  20. RayCornett

    Serial Number Engraving And Font

    I am used to seeing a more digital looking fond with serifs and more angular font. Is this good? EDIT- I forgot to mention previously that the owner did have this 149 serviced by Montblanc and has that paperwork.
  21. RayCornett

    14K Vs. 18K Experience

    For those who have 149s with 14k nibs as well as 18k nibs which do you prefer and why? I have a chance to exchange my 149 with a 14k f-m nib for one with an 18k ef nib. I love the finer grind but am wondering if there are any differences that make it worth the exchange.
  22. RayCornett

    Baby's Bottom

    Is baby's bottom common in Montblancs? My 149 from 1990 has it but it writes flawlessly. I didn't even know it had BB until I was looking at the nib with a loupe days after I got it just to look at the nib up close.
  23. RayCornett

    149 F-M Nib Question

    Is this a common appearance on F-M nibs? The extra tipping on the face side of the nib. I didn't notice the baby's bottom while writing but it is definitely there although it writes very well.
  24. RayCornett

    149 Feed Markings

    I have not see an 1990s feed like this one although I am told by a few that it is all good. What does the A mean on the feed?
  25. This is more of a question being put to "fans". My wife recently gave me a MB 149 90th Anniversary FP for my birthday; frankly, I believe it was mismarked due to the surprisingly low price for this out of production specialty pen, but no matter. The nib was an "F", which I gave a whirl, but since I preferred a larger nib and it was within the allotted timeframe, we had it returned to the MB factory for a "Medium" nib replacement after assurances were given that yes, it would be replaced with another special 90th anniversary nib. It came back a couple weeks ago with a "90" nib that appears to be a medium and it writes much more smoothly than it previously did. My wife however, thinks the replacement nib is gold rather than rose-gold color she "recalls" the fine nib having. I disagree, but without a direct comparison it's difficult to see. The question. Was the MB 149 90th anniversary nib only made in 18k rose-gold? Everything I've been able to find would indicate such but I haven't found a definitive statement/answer. Knowledgeable opinions would be appreciated. Thanks! Dean

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