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  2. peroride

    Pelikan M605 Black Tortoiseshell , Launching on Oct 2021

    I'm with you but I'd just like to order a black M101N and hold the tortoiseshell 🤣 bitte Pelikan? I'm glad to see more M600 love though.
  3. Available in red or black and in stock at LarryPost in Australia... https://www.larrypost.com.au/
  4. Maybe try the virtual online dealers? or skip. I got my Kaweco Dia2 ballpoint/fountain pen as a set though the ballpoint only gets very infrequent use for cards and fountain pen wary paper. I could not get the fountain pen separately at a good price. 😕 To justify use, i use the ballpoint over the other dried out Bics, that said, it's not worth it due to the refills to landfills.
  5. It's probably like Iroshizuku inks: rather large amount of surfactant to keep it flowing well. Don't think it's a matter of saturation: I have some very saturated inks that make fine hairlines and don't feather (such as my Private Reserve or many Sailor inks).
  6. Purdy, but I'm easy; i like the Duofold. This one is a true 100! The stacked color scheme is different but maybe something to grow on the next hundred years. I'd go for the Black or Blue, my brain is stuck on Big Red as an orangey red solid. Still with the 18K nib but with a special inscription, I doubt the nib swap program would apply. The diffusion bonded acrylic from Carvelle is a big plus a la Lambrou's Classic Pens, but in the end it's all still just plastic. But when is another iconic pen going to have another hundred year anniversary? Platinum had one, not sure how that worked out. I h
  7. peroride

    Long-time Lamy boss Manfred Lamy dies at the age of 84

    Rest in peace, Herr Lamy ☹️ Thank you for all the great pens and keeping Lamy going.
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  9. Dione

    Can you mix Lamy inks with Diamine?

    Try the experiment in a sample vial first but they should mix OK as both are regular dye inks
  10. peroride

    Parker 51 Comeback 2020?

    Bad habits? The cheaper ones are to easier get a hold of. I just reach over to the jar, pluck one out and start writing. Whereas with my precious heirloom originals like my genuine P51 Gray Demi, I first have to put on the white gloves, open the safe, then get out the polishing cloth...😳😆 Well, kinda semi true, I got my first Parker 51 in something called a Pen Show, ah those were the good ol' days, where a bunch of senior elders would share their infinite wealth of pen lore while one would salivate and gawk at their fine wares. 😍 Despite insta-expertise fr
  11. somanypens_toolittletime

    TWISBI Eco rotation

  12. i have done this... once... my rabbit hole was opened by a Pelikan R800 rollerball... the matching M800 followed as my first fountain pen, I only used it at my desk and didn't take it when i traveled so I got the matching ballpoint.... with three of the four already in hand I said what the hell and got the matching pencil. and the all lived happily ever after...
  13. somanypens_toolittletime

    Tempted by a Visconti Mirage

    Thanks. Will keep that in mind
  14. somanypens_toolittletime

    Kaweco AL Sport thoughts

    oooh I definitely will give that a go. Thanks
  15. FarmBoy

    Parker 51 Collector Not Filling

    Don’t forget the go/no-gauge for use in reassembly of the 51.
  16. hmm, I haven't bought those Amazon ones specifically (I try to avoid ordering from them) but I've bought ink samples from someone who used those and I've had only one sample out of 28 from them arrive leaky (it turned out to be Noodler's USS Texas, I think, which might've partly escaped because it's fairly wet; though the Iroshizuku inks in the same batch stayed in their vials), so take that as a data point. I've used the JetPens vials as well as a bundle that I ordered from AliExpress that also had those blue caps, but I also tend to tape & bag my samples anyway just in case!
  17. FarmBoy

    Parker 51 Comeback 2020?

    That short article was in the last issue of the Pennant. Must be why I remembered it.
  18. FarmBoy

    Parker 51 Comeback 2020?

    Eligiloy was a trade name owned by the Elgin Watch Company developed for watch springs.
  19. I like getting the matching pieces to my fountain pens. I use pencil and ballpoint much less than fountain pen, but I like having the options. Most of my writing is work notes, and if I need to write without the possibility of smearing wet ink or waiting for ink to dry (I'm left-handed, which complicates things), I will use a ballpoint. I've been planning to get a 164 and 165 at some point to go with my 149. I've been meaning to replace a long-lost first generation Noblesse set of fountain pen, ballpoint an pencil; the original were birthday gifts to me long ago, and were my fir
  20. Paul-in-SF

    Aurora 88P Dry Nib

    For any pen, especially a vintage one, one of the first steps probably should be a very thorough cleaning, and possible a soak in some solution (I have read frequently here of 10% ammonia in water with a couple of drops of Dawn dishwashing liquid as being effective). If you have an ultrasonic cleaner, that can also help break free any particles of old ink that may be getting in the way of ink flow. That may or may not help the scratchiness, but if the ink is flowing well it will at least lubricate the nib against the paper better than if the ink is not flowing well. I just got a P
  21. Wadude

    In praise of Shiro-Tamenuri

    They did. There was a limited run last year, though...
  22. stan

    Wartime celluloid Pilot info

    Sorry. Don't have a better answer. I've seen one or two blue pens from before the war and they were not celluloid. Forget acrylic as it was likely not used until after the war.
  23. Marioferu

    Long-time Lamy boss Manfred Lamy dies at the age of 84

    Rest in peace. A great legacy that great company.
  24. jann3

    Long-time Lamy boss Manfred Lamy dies at the age of 84

    Very sad news. May he rest in peace.
  25. Yes, I agree with that. I think Sharpies could made good looking luxury pens. I found a surprisingly ingenious retractable Sharpie marker last week!
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