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Hand movements corresponding to writing «詠春拳»

A Smug Dill

This is the series of hand movements I would make to write the first set of characters (shown in the video over here) in:

Hanzi writing sample with a Jinhao 51A hooded art nib.jpg

had I not rested/anchored the heel of my hand on the page for stability. Physically pressing the nib tip onto the top of the notepad dampened the movements in actual writing, and I have also had to scale down the travel of the tip of the pen to produce writing that is ‘smaller’ on the page.


Even if I were trying to write each character to fit inside a 5mm-squared, I'd be making very similar movements, but have to concentrate/ work a lot harder to scale the end result down to that size.


© A Smug Dill
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