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Creating a custom stream using Unread Content as template
Credit Animation and commentary by A Smug Dill

Creating a custom stream using Unread Content as template

A Smug Dill

You can create a custom content stream using any of the system-wide default streams, e.g. Unread Content, as a starting point, then keeping or modifying the settings of the temporary copy that is loaded in your browser (tab), and then name and save it for reuse.


You can even keep the name of your modified copy unchanged, such that it is the same as the system-wide default streams you used as the template. However, the name itself is not the unique identifier the forum platform uses for streams, and you cannot either overwrite or replace (say) the Unread Content stream or the links to it in the navigation bars that way.


Special note: You cannot save the setting of ‘Any time’ for Time Period to any content stream. Even if/when the platform presents you with a Save As New Stream or Save Changes option while Time Period is set to ‘Any time’, the system will unilaterally replace it with ‘Past 365 days’ upon saving the stream. That is the reason why, if you load a stream with Time Period setting of ‘Past 365 days’ and then (only) change that single setting to ‘Any time’, you may not get the option to save the stream/changes at all, because as far as the system is concerned you have not made a change that can be saved.


Animation and commentary by A Smug Dill

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