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岳陽樓記 analysis (Part 1/5)


范仲淹 • 宋




The first paragraph explains the reason for writing. From 慶曆四年春 "Spring of the Fourth Year of Qingli" to 百廢具興 "all the hundred industries were flourishing", it describes how after 滕宗諒 Teng Zongliang was relegated to be the governor of 巴陵郡 Baling County for a year, the local governance improved significantly and all industries flourished. From 乃重修岳陽樓 "therefore, the reconstruction of Yueyang Tower" to 屬予作文以記之 "I am writing this to remember it," it emphasizes the purpose of writing, recording the reconstruction of Yueyang Tower. The use of "therefore" indicates the reconstruction of 岳陽樓 Yueyang Tower, emphasizing that it was based on political integrity and the well-being of the people, to establish a positive image for 滕宗諒 Teng Zongliang, indicating the sequence of his actions. 增其舊制,刻唐賢、今人詩賦於其上 "Augmenting its old systems, inscribing poems and essays by Tang and contemporary literati on it" briefly records the reconstruction, implying that the renovation of Yueyang Tower aimed to promote culture and education rather than ostentation. This passage not only clearly states the purpose of writing as recording the reconstruction of 岳陽樓 Yueyang Tower but also subtly praises 滕宗諒 Teng Zongliang's political achievements.


to be continued...


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