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The Chinese character 間 (simplified: 间) is a commonly used character in Mandarin Chinese and other East Asian languages such as Japanese and Korean. It is pronounced as "jiān" in Mandarin.


Here are some key aspects of the character:


1. Meaning: The character "間" has several related meanings, but its primary meanings include "between," "among," "interval," "space," or "room." It often conveys the idea of a space or interval between two objects or events.


2. Usage: "間" is used in various contexts in the Chinese language. For example:
   - In spatial terms, it can refer to the space between two physical objects or locations, such as "房間" (fángjiān) meaning "room."
   - In temporal terms, it can refer to the time interval between events, such as "一個小時的間隔" (yīgè xiǎoshí de jiàngé) meaning "an hour interval."
   - It can also be used metaphorically to indicate a relationship or connection between different entities or concepts.


3. Radical: The character "間" belongs to the radical "門" (mén), which means "door" or "gate." This radical often indicates concepts related to space or enclosure.


4. Stroke Order: The stroke order for "間" typically starts from the top-left corner, moves downward and to the right for the first two strokes, then proceeds horizontally from left to right for the remaining strokes.


5. Variants: There are simplified and traditional versions of the character. In simplified Chinese, it is written as "间," while in traditional Chinese, it is written as "間."


Overall, 間 is a versatile character used in various contexts to denote space, intervals, or relationships between entities or events in the Chinese language.

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