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Doing some Chinese character studies of the most commonly used characters. I intend to do one a day for at least 1000 characters! It's fun and you should totally join me in this journey! Feel free to do your own character study and post it in the gallery!


Today I will do the character 的.


In Chinese, the character 的 is one of the most commonly used characters and serves several grammatical functions. Its primary usage is as a possessive particle, indicating possession or association. Here's a breakdown of its main functions:


1. Possessive Particle: 的 is commonly used to indicate possession or association between nouns. For example:
   - 我的书 - "my book"
   - 他的车 - "his car"
   - 中国的文化 - "Chinese culture"


2. Adjectival Modifier: 的 can also be used to turn a phrase or clause into an adjective to modify a noun. For example:
   - 美丽的花 (měilì de huā) - "beautiful flowers"
   - 好吃的食物 (hǎochī de shíwù) - "delicious food"


3. Nominalizing Suffix: In some cases, 的 is used to turn a verb or a phrase into a noun. For example:
   - 做饭的 (zuòfàn de) - "the one who cooks" or "cooking"
   - 看书的 (kànshū de) - "the one who reads" or "reading"


4. Emphasizing Possession: Sometimes, "的" is used for emphasis, especially in written or literary contexts. For example:
   - 他的书 (tā de shū) - "his book" (standard)
   - 他书的 (tā shū de) - "his book" (emphasizing possession)


5. Part of Compound Words: "的" is also used as a component in many compound words and phrases, such as "的确" (díquè) meaning "indeed" or "certainly," or "安全的" (ānquán de) meaning "safe."


Overall, "的" is an indispensable character in Chinese, playing a crucial role in indicating possession, forming adjectives, nominalizing phrases, and more. Its versatility and frequency of use make it an essential element of the language.


Pens/Inks: Kuretake Fountain Pen Brush No. 50 with original pigment cartridge, Pilot Prera F with Pilot Black

Paper: A5 Stalogy 365 full year size

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