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Monteverde Monza vs Jinhao 992 F nib writing samples

A Smug Dill

In my opinion, the F nibs on my two Monteverde Monza are far superior to that on my Jinhao 992, and I don't begrudge having paid about £12.50 for each of the Monza, which have yet to let me down in terms of either writing performance or cap seal effectiveness. No cracking of the material, either, as far as I'm aware.


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This morning, while messing around with the Monteverde Monza and Jinhao 992 pens I have here, I noticed two more differences between models which may matter to some users, but (to be fair) not to the tune of >$10 difference in price.


  1. The Monza has a clear feed, whereas the various Jinhao 992 pens I have here all have black feeds. Functionally and qualitatively they are most likely the same, but I've seen people on forums such as this profess their love (or at least personal preference) for clear feeds that allow them to see colour coming down the underside of the nib for aesthetic (or diagnostic?), so that's a selling point.
  2. The Monza's nib housing, which screws into the gripping section, has a post (through which the tail end of the feed fits to form the ‘nipple’) that is 2.4mm external diameter, to suit international standard converters and cartridges; whereas the original Jinhao 992's housing has a 2.6mm-diameter post. For users (especially in Western markets) who have more than a trivial concern for standardisation and interchangeability of pen parts, they'd probably prefer a pen designed to work with international standard converters and cartridges.
    • Note: The international standard converter supplied with the Monza has a smaller ink capacity than the standard Jinhao converter.

I noticed the differences in the housing because I broke the one on the Monza (while trying to pull the nib and feed out), so I'd thought I'd just replace it with the housing ‘donated’ from the original Jinhao 992 which I hate and don't use, then promptly forgot about to check for any further differences than the markings on the exterior of the plastic cylinder. When I went to ink up that ‘repaired’ pen and blindly tried to connect the original converter supplied with the Monza, it split the lip of the converter.

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