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Quick way to ignore a fellow forum member
© A Smug Dill

Quick way to ignore a fellow forum member

A Smug Dill

The quickest way to put a fellow forum member on ignore is not to actually visit his/her profile page, but simply:

  1. find a post, or activity stream entry, in which his/her profile photo (or tile) appears;
  2. hover over the profile photo, without clicking on it, and wait for the profile ‘speech bubble’ to appear;
  3. click on ‘Ignore user’, which then takes you to your account settings' Ignored Users page, with the user's name already filled in;
  4. select the categories you want to ignore for that user; and
  5. click Update Preferences.


There is no equivalent shortcut on the user's profile page.


© A Smug Dill

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