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Writing samples from three Lamy pens, only one being a fountain pen

A Smug Dill

A few special edition Lamy Tipo rollerball pens, in colours that I know my wife likes, have arrived, and I was curious to see what my handwriting looks like writing with a rollerball pen (which I haven't done in years) employing techniques developed from using fountain pens the past four years or so. I also found an old Lamy ballpoint pen, so I decided to test that as well.


It looks like some of the techniques for producing line variation can successfully carry over to writing with a ballpoint pen.


I have no idea why the rollerball pen behaves so dreadfully, though; the ink in the Lamy M66 refill feathers on Rhodia DotPad paper, and I can't get it to flow consistently when using almost no downward pressure, even though I thought the advantage a rollerball pen has over a ballpoint pen is that it will write without requiring the user to press down (as hard) on the page.


I'm also very surprised to see how fine the physical contact area between the ball on either (the M16 ballpoint or the M66 rollerball) Medium refill and the paper surface proves to be. Judging by the number of parallel and distinct (i.e. not touching each other) horizontal lines I can fit inside a 5mm-tall space, as an estimate for actual line width, both of those pens write as finely as a “typical Western EF” nib.


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