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Extra Fine Nib Ink Reviews (14 of n)

Extra Fine Nib Ink Reviews (14 of n)

Images which go with my Extra Fine Nib Ink Review (EFNIR) posts.  (Reviews of inks using only a Japanese EF nib.)


Images are given the ink name, without spaces, and some have extra characters at the end denoting what they represent:


  1. Z: Zoomed in photo (using a small WiFi / USB microscope)
  2. (no suffix): Screenshot
  3. S: Scan of Completed Review
  4. AP: Absorbent Paper Close-up (Above the black line is puzzle paper (like thick newsprint), while below is old 20lb copy paper.)
  5. LW: Line width (lab microscope photo at 100x with a scale in microns)
  6. Smear: Microscope image (lab microscope photo of the ink smeared on a slide - see review for magnification)
  7. WT: Water Test Results
  8. C: Chromatogram (usually done on coffee filter paper)
  9. L: Lightfastness Test
  10. For others, please see the review or image comments for what they represent.
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