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Extra Fine Nib Ink Reviews (13 of n)

Extra Fine Nib Ink Reviews (13 of n)

Images which go with my Extra Fine Nib Ink Review (EFNIR) posts.  (Reviews of inks using only a Japanese EF nib.)


Images with a file name ending in capital "AP" show the ink on absorbent paper.  Above the black line is puzzle paper (like thick newsprint), while below is old 20lb copy paper.  Images with a file name ending in a capital "S" show a scan (rather than photograph) of the ink.


A file name with no code-letter in the file name, just the ink name, is a screen capture of the review from the video.  A file name ending in a capital "Z" is a "zoom" photograph taken with a USB microscope. A file name ending with "W" (possibly followed by a number), or "WT", indicates the results of a water test.  A file name ending in "LW" is a microscopic photo (at 100x) with a scale showing the line with in microns (micrometers).  A file name with "Smear" at the end is a microscopic photo of the ink spread on a slide.


Occasional extra files may include ones with a "C" (or "Chroma") at the end of the file name for the results of chromatography.  Others will have descriptions added to explain what they are.

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