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Oh, shiny...

Oh, shiny...
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91 images

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Hagbard Celine


Wow, some very nice pieces! I really like the inkwell on the first page.


Also, traditionally, it’s “Ooh, shiny…”  😁


Thanks for the pretty pictures,


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Sorry, I hadn´t seen your message until just now.


It´s going to be "Ooh, shiny..." when I will be in need of a second album, "Oooh, shiny..." for the third. 😉


I am happy you like the pictures, but I´m not sure which inkwell you are referring to. The Pelikan travel-inkwell that came with the Lizard? It´s a very nice piece of ephemera, but it never struck me as particularly pretty. 🤷‍♀️



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