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A folder created to store uploaded videos. Testing the process in June 2021.

There are no images in this album yet


Message to moderators and administrators:


Here are two technical issues that need some action by forum gurus:


1)  During my recent experiments with video formats and file size compression I made many test videos, of random subjects, and eventually achieved a useable combination of quality and duration that will fit within the forum's 9.77MB movie file size limit. It never occurred to me that I would be unable to delete any test uploads!

Could you please delete the one video that I have uploaded, in the gallery album "Videos". Thanks.


2) During my attempts to deal with the problem above I stumbled over a few operational difficulties. Now all these may be due to my limited hardware.... DuckDuck Go browser on Android phone, and Internet Explorer browser on an ancient WindowsRT Surface tablet. The forum displays a richer screen content in Explorer, but is not useable because the screen layout formatting is all jumbled up, overlapping, etc. Stumbles detailed below....


2a) Advice found in the forum threads says that for 48hrs (or so?) a member can replace an uploaded media file with another file, "in the same slot".

I found no way to do that. Upload process seen on my phone is Choose album / Add image(s) / Submit images. No way of directing the new image to overwrite a previous upload.


2b) Same thread giving advice above says also that a member can report their own upload and ask the administrators to delete the unwanted file.

I reported my video, as advised, selected "Report your own ..." in the list of options that displays, but could not type anything (please delete this test video) into the comments box seen at the foot of the list of options with radio buttons. So I was unable to tell you why I was reporting my own upload.


2c) The only step that occurred to me was to "Comment" on my own video, and hope that administrators would see this comment. (If you are an administrator reading this then I guess that idea has worked 😁 .)

This final step proved difficult. Sorry that I cannot remember the details, but the general issue is that the gallery album images can be displayed in various different ways, many having no "add a comment" option. Eventually I found one display of my video that did show the "add a comment" box beneath... and was able to type this message.


Phew.....  end of message, with thanks, and appreciation of the hard work put in by the forum software administrators.



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In June 2021 this comment requested deletion of my test video upload. That task was done within a couple of days of posting the request.


Thanks, and appreciation of the hard work put in by the forum software administrators.


(Forum members can upload files to Gallery, but then cannot delete or move them. A workaround is to "report" your own image or video, and ask administrators to delete it.)

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