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Montblanc Boheme Rouge platinum fountain


Mijail D. Hoyo
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Mijail D. Hoyo
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Dear forum.


I am Sorry if this forum is not ment for this but I need help.


I have been trying to convince my father that the Montblac that was given to him as a present is a fake one, but he did all the research and showed me a lot of  tests proving that is a real one. 

[The material does glows in red (if we put a flashlight under the cap), the mountain peek looks normal, serial number looks fine, doesn't have any engraving saying "made in germany"  like fakes, but It has one on the clip that says "germany", the word Pix is written under the clip and can be seen without difficulty like all the marks and engravings, all the ones that it "should have" are there.]


It is not like I am against him, but I am certain that this pen is not real or at least it doesn't look real to me, as I still see something that is off.


It is supposed to be a Montblanc Boheme rouge ballpoint pen. But here is the problem, instead of a red looking stone, there is a light-orange one, and I have never seen one like that before, also the fountain is in platinum but not gold like all the other rouge's. The only ones in platinum that I have ever seen have a blue stone. Oh, and the "metal" looks dirty. 


Another thing to say: I can't figure out how to add images right now, I am new in this forum. But as soon as I can I will upload them.  In the meant time I would ask if anyone could consider helping me out to know what is the deal with this pen.


Ps: Excuse my phrasing and English. 







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