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Pilot Calligraphy Font - Version 1.0

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This is is a true type calligraphy font created by Corien B. and kindly donated by her to the Fountain Pen Network Community. Available both in .ttf format and in .zip format.


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Three stars only because I am a klutz and missed the fourth....

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Thanks so much for sharing ! It's great to be able to download another interesting font ! Downloaded to Font Book (Mac) easily

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Caveat on this font: This is my experience only. I do not know hat others have found because, as you can see, there are only two other posts here.


After installing the fonts, I found that the Pilot Calligraphy Font "12" is very, very tiny. When I increased the size of the font, it became much more legible, HOWEVER, when I increased the size of the font to something easier to read, the space between the lines of text got bigger as well. So, making it easier to read, also takes up MUCH more additional space.


I suggest you plan accordingly.


One final point, sending something in the fonts listed above may not look the same on their machines because, if I understand correctly, if they do not have the "same exact font" on their computer, the computer will simply pick the font that it thinks is similar.


Just took a couple of workshops in Photoshop and InDesign and this is what the instructors said about fonts. The same would apply if you use these fonts on a web site, somehow the machine has to have access to this exact font. If not IT finds a substitute.


Good like and happy viewing.

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Very nice font. Have to increase my font size a lot but not a big deal.

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Very nice font, I am trying to download but nothing seems to be happening. A m air doing anything wrong

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Just downloaded this font, and have yet to use it, but I wanted to reply to the above comment about using the font in text that others will view.


If it's a webpage, you can just put the font file on the webserver with your html files, and use CSS to reference it.*


If it's a Word document, PDF file, or most other "office" file types, you can simply embed the font into the file and it will display just fine for anyone who opens the file.* Configure your settings and this will occur automatically in fact.


* Note: you can only do this if the license for these fonts allows such use; I am not familiar with what rights have been granted here. I assume that these uses are permitted, but I would also verify before doing so.

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