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Tools & Software

Various Tools & Software for use with fountain pens, such as a nibwidth measuring chart, fountain pen inventory database etc.

3 files

  1. High Res Nib Widths Chart

    High resolution nib width measurement chart, from 0.1 mm to 2.0 mm stroke width, both horizontal and vertical.
    Width increments in 0.05 mm from 0.1 mm to 0.5 mm, thereafter increments of 0.1 mm.
    Includes comment fields etc.
    Requires printing at 100% and a minimum print resolution of 4000 dpi, on high quality laser or inkjet paper. Inkjet paper is preferred.




  2. Fountain Pen Inventory Database by Jon Rosen

    This fountain pen inventory database is ready to download. There is a version for both Mac and PC users. The database maintains a lot of useful information about your fountain pen collection, including basic descriptive info, prices paid, repairs made and unlimited photographs.
    It also makes it very easy to post reviews to FPN. This database isn't associated with FPN, but I did add a couple of features that plays nicely with FPN.
    As mentioned, there's a Mac and a PC version. Because of some font issues on the PC there are a couple of small changes in the PC version. There isn't a large difference, but the Mac version looks a little nicer.
    When you download it and unzip it, you will see a file and a folder named Fountain Pen Inventory. The file is an alias to the main program file in the folder. I don't usually distribute my solutions as standalone runtime databases. I've tested it as carefully as I could, but let me know if you have any issues. Even better, let me know if you like it, too.
    There is no charge for Fountain Pen Inventory. It's my gift to the FPN fountain pen community. You can redistribute it to someone else, but are not allowed to charge for it, modify it or present it as your own work.




  3. Nib width form

    This is an anonymously donated form for determining and checking nib widths, and will work for any kind of fountain pen nib, provided it is printed at 100 %, on a good quality paper, preferably with a laser jet printer on paper that is friendly to fountain pens.

    The 100 % setting is very important in order to determine the nib width, both horizontal and down strokes, as accurately as possible. The line thicknesses for nib stroke comparison were created to very exacting standards, at exactly 100 %.

    Have fun!




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