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  2. Julian, your conclusion that the pens you have are fake is most probably correct, but for the wrong reason! The serial numbers on fakes are not unique, though they should be on genuine Montblanc pens. There is no publicly available database that identifies a particular pen. However, the number on a genuine pen may have been copied onto a large batch of clones, some of which find their way onto auction sites. Just put the serial numbers into google. That is probably what JungleJim did. Welcome to the forum.
  3. Honestly this looks very interesting besides the rosegold color (of course subjective pov) The mechanism seems oddly original since I have not seen a mechanism like this in the current retractable fountain pen state (CMIIW). OP please keep us posted if it's available in either Aliexpress / Etsy.
  4. Maybe try posting again in the "China, Korea and Others (Far East, Asia)" sub-forum? There are some very knowledgeable members post there and even though it has been a little quiet lately, I expect someone will see your pictures and be able to help. And welcome to the FPN as well.
  5. Mech-for-i

    Majohn T5

    probably cause I had at least half a dozen ( might be more ) that share this same styling all from different vintage and different made , the basic shape of straight tapered ( or almost straight ) barrel and cap, the wide cap ring , and pretty standard clip placement to me is generic enough. I once did had the Stealth Black Aurora ( its gifted to someone else already ) and I can testify the weight is indeed not there and made for a less than satisfied ergonomic. The Hong Dian is certainly a better pen , but as far as Chinese Piston Filler mechanism goes , I still would rate the Caliarts Ego series having the best though its not one of the easiest to maintain. I am OK with the Piston not fully screw back into the reservoir , smooth piston operation and good sealing IMHO is more important. Those will had to wait till more cycles of fill before I can made a judgement. Moonman's recent release IMHO lean too heavy towards pirating others styling ; and shown less and less of originality , the M700 IMHO could be a good one but they screw it with the arrow clip .. and one ad to wonder why not piston on that model instead of the T5, the S7 is even worse , might as well just take out my much older Lorelei
  6. penzel_washinkton

    What planner/diary are you using for 2022?

    Planning to use the Midori for intermittent use during 2022 but just recently bought the Kinbor 2022 planner in A6 (supposedly a knock off of Hobonichi Techo) out of curiousity. If anyone has experience using this Kinbor planner, let me know. I used their A5 notebooks once in the past and found it to be quite nice for the price.
  7. AoKiu

    The Unobtanium Inks Hall of Fame

    I still regret that I didn't buy a few big bottles of Blackstone Barrier Reef Blue ☹️
  8. Pen Nut

    Hola from Mexico! :)

    Hello and a very warm welcome to you
  9. penzel_washinkton

    Majohn T5

    Does the Majohn / Moonman EF writes like a Western EF or Japanese EF? Contemplating in getting one but this might be a deal breaker for me personally.
  10. 149OBB

    Omas feed

    thanks guys!
  11. A Smug Dill

    What Pen Are You Using Today in 2021?

    I don't know yet, but my wife expects me to find a pen into which to load the first of the Diamine Inkvent Red Edition inks tonight, and chances are it'll be one of the dozens of unused Chinese pens I have lying around at the moment.
  12. Tonight, I am using my new, shiny red Optima - it's so beautiful! And it writes so nicely. I've inked it with Take-sumi.
  13. Its happened again. Third time in a month. Yet another order cancelled because, you know, "no stock", even though there was when I ordered and paid. They said "instant refund" but it's going to take the usual up to a week to actually get it. So I went to Cult's website and ordered all the colours left to complete my Perkeo collection, three J.Herbin inks and their new exclusive Robert Oster Tiverton Rust. Yeah, that's an Australian ink ordered from the UK to come back to Australia! Is that impulsive enough? Why don't I feel better yet?
  14. Intensity

    Black Friday discounts ?

    I live in a major city in the US and would have no problem doing that. As you said: context is everything. I’ve done three months of grand jury and learned all about the various local gang distinguishing styles, like sports caps of certain teams. Yet I don’t think most people would immediately assume that someone wearing a non-local sports team cap belongs in a gang. Other signs and behavior are also important.
  15. Today
  16. A Smug Dill

    Majohn T5

    I don't think the Majohn T5 is ‘generic’ at all. One can argue whether the striated cap ring on it, and the slightly more angular shape (looking a bit like an elongated version of Moonman's old logo) of the clip, make it stand apart sufficiently from the Aurora Optima's styling to say Majohn didn't blatantly copy Aurora's design. What isn't obvious from the marketing images is that the Majohn T5 is a longer pen than the Aurora Optima. Among the ones (all with EF nibs; it's the single F-nibbed one that broke before first use) I have, they're lovely writers; the line width is at least as good (as in suitably narrow) as Aurora's EF nib, and the Majohn T5's steel EF nibs write with less feedback than Aurora's gold EF nibs. I didn't get an Aurora Optima in matt black because I hear it feels underwhelmingly lightweight in the hand; the matt black Majohn T5 does not have that problem, and I quite like the contrast between the matt ‘satin finish’ barrel (and cap), and the glossy cap crown and piston knob on it. I have taken the opportunity to inspect the insides of the Majohn T5, given the piston knob has broken off on one of my new ones, and the back-end of the barrel prolapsed and fell out besides. Let's just say I'm not impressed; or, put another way, I'm now much more appreciative of how the HongDian N1-S is put together, as far as recent Chinese piston-fillers with ‘copycat’ styling go. p.s. (not addressing @Mech-for-i specifically, of course) Please don't ask me to provide a photo or three to show the Aurora Optima and Majohn T5 side by side. I'd be happy to measure the pens with a pair of callipers and tell you the difference between the lengths of the pens, if you want to know and make a comparison between the models in your own mind.
  17. Crystallization of celluloid is a defect present quite often in Omas ,Visconti and Stipula pens from the 1990's and 2000's . No possible repair and very hard to find replacement parts.
  18. Lamy pens have good overall quality. No complain about the nibs either.Very good nibs from Sheaffer pens. My biggest problems are Visconti pens with the quality control of the ink charging systems. Omas,Visconti and Stipula with the falling in parts of their celluloid pens.
  19. The Mustard

    Looking for a nice dark brown ink

    There are three inks Ruth that could be confused. Initially the ink that came with the St. Exupery Writers Edition Pen which is called 'Antoine de Saint Exupery Encre du desert' - This is a burgundy and might be my favourite ink. Secondly there is the 'Petit Prince Sand Of The Desert' which I think may be the one that you have and I referred to above which to me is a very dark brown and... the third ink that I am aware of is 'The Petit Prince and The Planet' which is described as 'Rose Burgundy' Much as I love it I wouldn't describe yama guri as dark brown, to me it is a brown with a greeny feel - great ink though.
  20. Mech-for-i

    Majohn T5

    Got both, the Aurora, and the Moonman, well they actually do not look alike , probably just the overall appearance presented on the photos. Mine function all fine , touchwood. Not the best, not the worst, pretty generic styling. The Yuk pointed finale is not uncommon among Chinese fountain pens nor others. overall OK but nothing spectacular
  21. Julian Cavanagh

    Identifying the Model of a Mont Blanc from the serial number?

    Thanks Jim, the ones I have must be fakes as I've never had them up for auction? The two pairs are in separate faux-leather pouches The MT ball-pen has a clear "gem" in the resin top and the fountain pen has a blue "gem" in the clip. The nib is a 4810 gold 14k Mont Blanc branded but I guess all good fakes present that way. I didn't buy them but as far as I know a former executive with my company had them in his office. When he was expelled, all the contents of the office were stored for several years and we only recently relocated and all these things came to light. Any suggestions?
  22. JungleJim

    Identifying the Model of a Mont Blanc from the serial number?

    First Serial number refers to a MB Boheme Rollerball that was up for auction. link: https://www.lot-art.com/auction-lots/Montblanc-Montblanc-Rollerball-Pen-Bohemia-Pierre-Rose-1/37544455-montblanc_montblanc-29.5.20-catawiki Second Serial number is a Montblanc ballpoint pen that was up for auction. link: https://en.todocoleccion.net/old-ballpoint-pens/boligrafo-montblanc-ndl33966l~x93230470#descripcion
  23. JungleJim

    Montblanc discontinuing the 149 Calligraphy??

    I wonder if it will be a public release of the flexible italic nib that Montblanc developed for the Fritz Schimpf Stationary store back in 2020. Montblanc spent a lot of time, effort, and money to develop the nib design, and I would think enough time has passed to release it in 2022.
  24. It is a cheap Chinese pen. You can search the forum about nibs branded like your, coming from china and branded iridium point Germany.
  25. AceNinja

    Please help identify this pen

    oh wow, thanks for the search, the pen in your link I think its the same pen as mine. only the Nib seems slightly different - the one on ebay has a little extra engraving beside the simple wording. still, it's strange a pen made in germany would have "unbranded"?? this makes me more affirmed by original thought that this might be of chinese origin. I'll try to msg the ebay seller and see what info he/she'll offer.
  26. I have a Pineider La Grande Bellezza, which is a beautiful pen, and a wonderful writer. Except that the Fine quill nib write like a wide Medium. I will have that fixed by a nibmeister. Someday. I have 5 Visconti Rembrandts; 3 Mediums and 2 Fines. And if I wrote a few words with each them on a sheet of paper you would fail to pick out the Fines. None of them write Fine. And they are slightly different degrees of Medium to all five. So despite these six pens performing nicely, there was a lack of QC to determine if they actually wrote as branded. Still,I enjoy using the Rembrandts, but not the Pineider so much. My Stipula Etruria Magnificas, Sailors, Tibaldi,Montegrappas, Auroras, all write as advertised. But my best performers are my Leonardos and my Esterbrook.
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