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  2. Mont Blanc's EXCELLENT 90th anniversary grey may well fit the bill . . . if you can find any.
  3. sciumbasci

    LAMY safari all black ncode

    I'd buy a hooded nib safari.
  4. joss

    Parker 51 Argentina Gold Content of Cap

    Gold plating generally gives a more 'yellowish' coloured layer compared to gold fill-rolled gold. From your pictures, I would judge that the pen on the right has gold plating. But the pen on the left seems to have a completely worn layer (colour looks like silver on my screen with traces of gold in the grooves and imprints). So maybe the colours in the pictures are a bit off. If the layer of the Argentina pens was gold plated, I would expect serious loss of plating on such an old pen, especially on the venerable regions such as the cap lip and the zone where the clip po
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  6. There are two sides to that story, for sure…
  7. Thanks for this. Very useful. Strangely, I own a Montblanc Slimline (2118) with a medium steel nib and an 1157 with a 14 medium and both are a lot easier to write with than lots of other FPS. I'll give them a try. I do not tend to grip BPs and pencils hard, as modern BPs are very smooth (especially those from the likes of Pentel and Schneider), but may inadvertently grip Fps harder owing to the need to "control" and "re-align" the nib to the page! Thanks once again.
  8. readytotalk


    A wide range of Waterman`s #2 nibs were produced. The most detailed chart I have found was http://vintagewatermanpens.com/nib-chart/ And here are some very informative photos - https://www.penboard.de/shop/hlist/nibs/WAVI/0 and http://www.fivestarpens.com/waterman_nibs.html (some of them are fore sale as spare parts).
  9. I do not totally agree with the ones who claim there is a proper way to write. I just can't bear myself to think so. I suspect the problem is being used to ballpoints and the like, which require more strength in the grip and more pressure against the paper. This can ruin almost any FP experience. Writing with a (good) FP should require no or almost no pressure, which is what for me makes them more pleasurable and allow me to write a lot faster with them. For the same reason the "grip", whichever it is (and I've seen many) should be loose and relaxed. When you are used t
  10. You are right about the kugel nibs made from the 1950s to 1970s being designed to compete with ballpoints. One thing I would say for modern ballpoints, especially those with better refills (think Caran d' Ache 849, 888 and 825, Schmidt, Schneider, Montblanc, Faber Castell) is that the ink is much better than it used to be and this means that they flow far better and you can write very fast and smoothly with next to no pressure. Thanks for your ideas in the last paragraph. I'll have a go at relaxing with my smooth Faber Castell Grip with a broad nib!
  11. Thanks for this. You made a very interesting point about the angle at which you hold a fountain pen. Received wisdom has it that everyone should hold a pen at a very shallow angle - something which I find very unnatural. There is also the issue of how "flat" your hand should be to the page.
  12. A Smug Dill

    Pelikan Edelstein Golden Beryl (Ink of the Year 2021)

    I'd be happy to ”explore” that, but — at the risk of being accused of overthinking it — I need to figure out what (the minimum functional and/or performance requirements of) “works (at all, or better) with EF nibs” means in that context. The pen, when filled with the ink in question, needs to write, i.e. put legible marks in the colour of the ink on the page. Being a shimmer ink, shimmer particles laid on the page should be evident to the naked eye, without being so sparse that it takes a loupe or microscope to spot. The pen will remain ready to write when the user next put
  13. I dont know if all parkers take the same cartridges, but my cheapo Jotter FP takes the Lamy T10 refills perfectly and writes well with them. There are also Monteverde 'Lamy compatible' cartridges. And those two right there will give you a bunch of additional and special edition color options. Right now cult pens in the UK has a huge Lamy 10% and ink 15% sale so if you buy Lamy ink you actually get 25% off. I just ordered like 10 boxea of refills.
  14. niller1994

    What Type of Montblanc is this?

    Thanks :)
  15. Karmachanic

    Color of KWZ IG Gold in long-term storage

    FYI. From this post by Konrad (Mr KWZ): Past experience has shown that most of Iron Gall inks produced by me can be mixed with standard inks of my production, as well as some other manufacturers. In preparing mixtures of any inks adequate caution should always be taken. Most of red, brown and purple inks should not be mixes with Iron Gall inks.
  16. Roger W.

    My earliest Sheaffer pen

    I don't think it would be that hard to find a self-filling 4. Roger W.
  17. Wael El-Dasher

    Montblanc Heritage 1912

    Wow! Thanks Matt. That was absolutely great to see and, darn it, you’re making me catch the FP bug again 🤣. Can’t wait for FedEx to show up at the office soon. Really appreciate this wonderful response. cheers Wael
  18. dicks390

    Parker 51 Argentina Gold Content of Cap

    I did some further research and found this: Parker pen production in Argentina Reprinted from the Journal of the Writing Equipment Society (UK), N° 69, Spring 2004 First model manufactured: Parker 51. In the time when company globalisation was not well developed, the big pen companies were forced to set up local manufacturing facilities to compete, thus avoiding high importation taxes and trade barriers. Only half a century after Parker opened their operations in Argentina, and as a result of successive company take-overs, the official c
  19. My dear friend, @Sinistral1 came up with the description.
  20. Aether

    Vegan leather - it's an oxymoron

    Don't see much of these as oxymorons rather than descriptive labels of things made of other stuff that exhibit either some esthetic similarity or other similar property to the stuff being 'faked'. For example, PU leather is supposed to either look of feel similar to actual leather. Too much overthink about terms in my view.
  21. I don't know how long it'd take me to write 5,000 (English or Chinese) words even without thinking, but as a schoolboy we regularly had to do “dictation” — which I think would more accurately be described as regurgitation — in class putting between 500 to 800 Chinese words on paper in 30 minutes, depending on the length of the essay we had to commit to memory by rote learning for that session. Of course, I used ballpoint pens back then, and it was a struggle sometimes even so. I don't think I'm actually any slower or quicker using a fountain pen, which I hold more or less I would a rollerball
  22. A Smug Dill

    Vegan leather - it's an oxymoron

    That's what I don't get. Wouldn't ”synthetic material that looks nothing like, and does not allude to being or imitating, any animal product traditionally considered classy or luxurious not the last for asserting human's position in the food chain” be more likely to appeal to lifestyle vegetarians and vegans? If suppleness or mechanical durability is a selling point, surely it's possible to trumpet that property in a synthetic material without saying “leather”?
  23. awa54

    Pilot Quattro FP

    Does anyone else have one of these, and if so, is yours a reliable writer? My example starts hard and is prone to skipping. Possibly just due to old ink still in the feed even after an extended ultrasonic session...
  24. A Smug Dill

    After 1 year

    The gripping section diameters (and geometries) are different between variants as well. I love the feel of the Lamy SLAB (Studio Lx All Black), so much so that I bought a spare (at a good price) just in case my primary one needed replacement one day; but I can't deal with the ‘standard’ design in the Studio with the glossy, convex metal section, although it's not quite as ‘bad’ for me as the section on the Cross Peerless 125. Alas, in my experience the SLAB won't keep a fill of ink from being completely lost to evaporation after six months. To my recollection, out of al
  25. awa54

    Out with the old, in with the new!

    The Metro is a great pen, reliable and a nice writer as well. Enjoy!
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