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  2. Pierre---

    New urushi pens from Rue du Stylo

    Thanks for the kind words gentlemen. Count Dracula is now on its way to a new home, I could soon start making a new one, a bit different but based on the same idea. I try to make pens in a style as personal as I can, and it is always a pleasure to see people like it. I made it as sort of a joke, like a dwarf pen supposed to belong to your traveler's kit. But making a pen rest of it is indeed a much better idea, thanks, I will work on that! I am, check here
  3. Karmachanic

    Bad Experience With Montblanc Repair Service

    I'd buy the helix linked above and have a recognized repairer do the job. Who knows what parts MB will arbitrarily choose to replace with contemporary parts.
  4. the Ambienti is a spiced up version of the Aurora 88 BIG with nicely coloured ckacked type of resin and finely adorned metal trim. Although I do not own one, I would have no doubt as to the good value an performance of this pen, I just find that the metal section is less desirable than the resin section on the standard 88 Big and the much higher asking price is not easily justified unless you really realy like the look of it. If I had to choose a nicely coloured resin special edition version I would probably prefer a 8"88" version like the Plutone, which has a resin section (I
  5. vtgt

    X-Feather Blue?

    I think the misunderstanding about the colour here may come from the angle you are looking at, because it has a slight bronze sheen. If you look at it dead on, it looks like a dark blue. However from most angles, recent batches look a bit blurple. This is possibly too subtle for cheaper cameras and scanners. If you want an ink that always looks completely blue then this is not the ink you want. If you are however allowed to use blue ink at work and need it permanent, this will pass. It behaves itself well.
  6. bsenn

    Flighters with coloured sections

    A few 45s.
  7. sansenri

    Making a nib wetter - new tool

    I use an old piece of photographic film for that job... it may need more than one go to be effective but it certainly is far milder on the nib I also widen the gap by putting pressure on the nib shoulders just with the fingers, however although this is the correct way to do it it's not easily controllable and overdoing it is not difficult that is why most of the time I prefer the photographic film
  8. sansenri

    Help identifying MB model

    as usual, Chinese makers think that by putting a snowflake on the top of the cap and writing Montblanc on the cap ring we would all be buying this... it still does not strike their mind that most of us despise this approach and this is reason not to buy! perhaps the pen is not too bad either (in the $4-10 range) and I might have even bought one just to try... (has happened before) but not with that fake snow flake... I'd feel embarassed to use this...
  9. A little warning about Kaigelu nibs: current Kaigelu 316 nibs do not have the notch at the bottom and are interchangeable with Jinhao & Moonman number 6 nibs. Information here is now out of date about the 316. The Kaigelu 316 I got in 2020 uses the new number 6 type nib even though the pen looks the same as the first version. The new all-acrylic Kaigelus you can bet also use the number 6 nibs. I see Wing Sung nibs on sale separately for the 699 with the notch in the bottom like the old 316 nibs and wonder what the relationship between Wing Sung and Kaigelu is.
  10. Today
  11. My updated ink list is here ; lamy crystal ink in solid black , lamy regular ink in solid blue levenger gemstone green , shiraz noodlers apache sunset , american eel blue , black swan in austrailain rose squategue , manhatten project black chesterfield teal J herbin amber de bermanie J herbin rouge opera monteverde onyx pelikan brilliant black I am interested in mainly blues and blacks that I have not tried before thanks and just let me know what you have .
  12. cougarking

    London Pen Show - July 25th

    Following this thread as interested in visiting a show, but does seem to have had much footfall!
  13. Dione

    Bad Experience With Montblanc Repair Service

    If you send it to Montblanc it will be swapped out to the new system but when you say all brass the black plastic spiral is still black plastic, not brass. The part that changed to brass is the rest of the piston assembly at the top of the barrel. Late 80's is when they changed over (when the wall came down) but they used up their old stock first. If your piston screw threads are plastic then they would come back as brass.
  14. Misfit

    Is the Lamy 2000 an objectively good pen?

    This might not mean much, but Atlas Stationers of Chicago had a pen tournament in March 2021. The Final Two were the Lamy 2000 and the Visconti Homo Sapiens. The Visconti won. I have both, and prefer the Homo Sapiens. If I had a stub nib on my Lamy 2000, I’d like it more.
  15. Vitskapsdama

    Hei from Norway!

    I'm a long-time fountain pen writer, but only wrote with (blue-black) ink cartridges for most of my life. Moved from the Netherlands to Norway more than a decade ago and was dismayed by the lack of even standard ink cartridges in the region where we ended up. This led to a need to search online and there, I discovered the world of converters and so many inks and fountains pens I didn't know of! So one thing led to another and suddenly I have 20 bottles of ink and my first gold nib (Pilot Falcon SF)! I found a lot of information that originated here and I figured it's about time to
  16. Right, but I literally flushed the ink thoroughly after just 1 day, after which the ink window was already stained. I see fpupulin doesn't have any issues whatsoever. So then what could it be? The water I'm flushing with (I sometimes use tap water, but typically I used distilled water)? I don't understand the difference. Or is it just a bad batch of ink I got?
  17. pilotheinrich

    What's wrong with Waterman?

    Well, it is kinda like seeing all the variations of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, or Oreos, or Colas . . . .. Success breeds repetition.
  18. yup dodecagon pens have 24 facets, which is quite difficult to do. the grip is longer than most brands, so the step never interferes with writing. making the grip section longer also is more difficult than shorter ones.
  19. the top layer slightly conceals bottom layer, indeed
  20. Misfit

    What's wrong with Waterman?

    And sometimes innovation amounts to Visconti making pens named Homo Sapiens. Those new versions will never match the original made with basaltic lava. How about a new name?
  21. TheRedBeard

    Flighters with coloured sections

    Nice set Is the 3rd from the left P25 with orange section and logo?
  22. hari317


  23. duckbillclinton

    Experiments With Flex

    Yikes, we need another long reply again, Ines. LOL Your views on annealing are wrong, and I believe Most of the readers on this forum are having the same wrong views as well... but before I write out the long explanation, I need a break, LOL. Be back soon...
  24. Thanks so much 🙏🏼
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    • halffriedchicken
      Not sure if this has been suggested already but would a setting for localized regions or chapters in FPN be helpful? I don't know if there is a way to find local FPN members who would be nearby. I don't know if we want to be discoverable but a setting to know how many members are in 25, 50, or a 100 miles of each other might be helpful. We can create a regions specific network like Craigslist where people could use that to connect with nearby members, conduct in person sales, arrange FPN meetups
    • Daneaxe
      Hi again all, I forgot to tell y'all that I made the post about Sweden ink PIF. Most have probably found it long ago, but here's a link, anyway:      
    • Ayami_109
      I read your blog post and all the replies with much interest. I'm a FP user in Australia. Been part of this forum for years but rarely post. I did come across your ink sharing thread and considered participation. For me it's not lack of interest but lack of time to play around with FP and inks. I'd feel bad to put my hand up for the box and just have it sit until gosh knows when...   I also think that the FP community in Australia is smaller, and I wonder how many in the community are
    • A Smug Dill
      Even so, you'd end up with a fragmented list, and it becomes an O(N²) process for each prospective requestor to check what is available: effectively recreate the list of currently active servers (without any reliable up-to-date info upfront about the inks and number of samples on offer in the thread) from the sequential list of posts, which may be spread over two or even more pages, and then query each server independently to check what is currently on offer.   It comes down to not hav
    • LizEF
      If one wanted to do this, one could just use the "About Me" field which appears to be unlimited in size.  And if a bunch of people wanted to cooperate, the Member Title field (or signature) could be used to this end - "Ink Giver" (or some such) could be used by those with inks to give...  No software edits required.
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