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Reduced! Dupont Olympio and Orpheo Limited Editions

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Reduced! Dupont Olympio and Orpheo Limited Editions

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Thanks for stopping by this weekend! I have here a very extensive collection of ST Dupont fountain pens, mostly of the Olympio/Oprheo variety. There are some very highly sought after pens in this collection, some real ‘grail’ pens, as well as a few more basic pens. 



For those not familiar, this was Dupont’s flagship pen line of the 90s/00s. There are two things that really separate the Olympio/Orpheo from other pens. First of all, these are fantastic pens of the highest quality, unrivaled even by Montblanc or Cartier. Fit, finish, and tolerances are of the highest order. The quality of lacquerwork is incredible, and the feel of capping a Dupont Olympio/Orpheo is one of pendom’s great pleasures. The second thing that sets these pens apart are their incredible nibs. Olympio/Orpheo nibs are some of the most consistently smooth nibs you’ll come across. They’re also very reliable writers. In case you’re wondering about the Olympio/Orpheo naming structure, the pen was introduced as the Olympio, but after several years of production the Olympic Committee forced them to change the name, and so the pen became the Orpheo. It was produced in two sizes, the standard size and oversized. Think Pelikan 600/800. 



Most of these pens are new, and all include full original packaging unless otherwise noted. Sorry I didn’t take a picture of each pen. If you’d like to see a closer look or detail, just message me and I’ll take a picture of what you want to see!



All prices include insured USPS Priority Mail within the US. Overseas shipping available at cost. There may be some COVID-19 issues that preclude shipping to some countries. First ‘I want it’ gets it. Payment by Paypal. If you have any questions, feel free to send a message.




Left to Right:


1. Orpheo Versailles LE, Oversized, 18k M, C/C Filler- Stunning white and gold pattern inspired by the Palace of Versailles, with a relief of Louis the Sun King on one side, a sort of sculpted fleur-de-lis on the other. Appears mint in the generously sized gift box with all papers. #406 of 1686 pens from 2006. $1600 Shipped



2. Orpheo Medici LE, Oversized, 18k F, C/C Filler- SOLD!



3. Olympio Chairman Amber Godron LE, Standard, 18k M, C/C Filler- This is an absolutely stunning and highly sought after pen. Based on the standard sized pen with amber Chinese lacquer over a lined godron guilloche engraved barrel with matching gold plated cap. #203 of only 300 pieces from 2001. This particular pen appears to be used, and the gold trim shows the kind of micro scratches that get picked up when a pen is carried. Nothing like a scratch or gouge. I would rate it as excellent. The cardboard outer box is also coming apart, though the inner boxes are perfect. Someone’s grail pen. $1000 Shipped 



4. Olympio Chairman Guirlande, Standard, 18k M, C/C Filler- This is the standard production Olympio Chairman, with brilliant red Chinese lacquer over the guirlande pattern, with matching gold plated cap. This one appears mint. Not quite as rare as #3, but much more minty. Complete with box and papers. $1050 Shipped



5. Olympio Chairman Guirlande, Standard, Ballpoint- The matching ballpoint to #4. Stunning. New in box with papers. $450 Shipped



6. Orpheo Vertigo 2 LE, Oversized, 18k M, C/C Filler- SOLD!



7. Orpheo Shaman LE, Oversized, 18k M, C/C Filler- SOLD!



8. Orpheo James Bond Casino Royal LE, Oversized, 18k M, C/C Filler- Black lacquer with a sort of iridescent coin edge purple- grey lacquer pattern down the sides, meant to look like a stack of casino chips, or perhaps the edge of a chip. Mint in box with all papers. One of 2007 pens from 2006. $675 Shipped



9. Orpheo Theme Lacquer Red, Oversized, 18k M, C/C Filler- SOLD!



10. Orpheo Placed Lacquer Black, Oversized, 18k M, C/C Filler- This one is polished to a mirror finish, with inlaid, elongated brackets of black Chinese lacquer. Beautiful, probably a fingerprint magnet. Appears to be mint in box with all papers. $425 Shipped



11. Olympio Black Lacquer, Oversized, 18k M, C/C Filler- This is a regular production piece in black lacquer with gold trim. Appears new, may have been inked. Comes complete with box and papers. $380 Shipped



12. Orpheo Drill, Standard, 18k F, C/C Filler- This was a cool finish, a little more on the industrial side, with a brushed finish and two bands of blue rubber, one of which has a sort of Dupont Link attached. I’m not sure if it serves any purpose. Cool pen though. Appears mint in box, with all papers. $330 Shipped




13. Hong Kong LE, 18k F, C/C Filler- One final Dupont, this one is not an Olympio/Orpheo, but rather a slender 1997 Hong Kong ‘Return to the Motherland’ limited edition. Beautiful pen in red and black lacquer with gold plated trim. #867 of 997 pens. $900 Shipped



First ‘I want it’ gets it. Payment by Paypal. Prices include insured USPS Priority Mail within the US, overseas shipping at cost. Feel free to message with any questions or for additional pictures.











Erie , Pennsylvania - United States

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