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Montblanc Tester Set

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Montblanc Tester Set

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Montblanc 146 (LeGrand)  Tester Set / Display Cabinet.


Well, where to start with this rare and seldom seen set !


I have been a collector of all things Montblanc for many years and have been lucky enough to own two of the 'normal' tester sets that come in a piano black wooden box / tray but they do not even come close to this item in either quality or rarity.


The unmarked display cabinet itself is a work of art and the weight of it defies logic, very thick gauge & highly polished stainless steel throughout with the drawer running on a roller bearing system it gives a satisfying muffled clunk when it is pushed fully home. Very well engineered, it would look at home in a F1 garage !


The top contains a full range of inks, all bottles are virtually full obviously only being used for the occasional dip testing and the top is embossed with the names of many writers that have featured in the Montblanc writers edition range of pens, whoops, writing instruments.


The 'toaster' slots are for the pen tester writing pads, I have the large type (included) and the smaller ones do sometimes become available but I tend to use the slots for other Montblanc associated items / boxes / pouches.


The removable pen tray and nib demo tray are completely unmarked without a single ink blot anywhere.


The three demo nibs are amazing, made out of solid steel they are a work of art in themselves and contain underside engravings stating what pens their profiles are used in. I have not seen anything quite like them before.


So to the pens. A full set and all in outstanding condition, I truly don't think these have been dipped much at all, all pistons virtually float with minimal finger pressure on the filler stem top. The pens have not been used outside the confines of the agents premises so the associated marks of being both used, filled & carried are not there.


Unique it is not but try and find another to compare it to anywhere in the world, very rare and seldom advertised. It just needs that 'special' desk /  environment to be displayed, enjoyed & used in.


Price wise, please compare this to any other Montblanc tester set anywhere.....


Now delivery, I do not intend to trust this delicate and expensive set to any 'dash & drop' delivery service who treat items marked 'do not bend' or 'fragile' as a personal challenge !!


I would arrange door to door delivery to most places in the UK for around £45.


Any interested parties overseas would need to discuss this with me before deciding to purchase.


Payment wise : Transfer preferred or cash if it helps.


Please message me with any enquiries and thanks for viewing.

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