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Vintage Japanese fountain pens - Reduced

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Vintage Japanese fountain pens - Reduced

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Here’s an interesting group of vintage Pilot, Platinum, Sailor and few other Japanese fountain pens. Some of these were previously listed, but this time with price reductions. 


1.             1980s Pilot silver plated with lacquer.  The base is brass.  14K Fine nib, uses Pilot cartridge/converter. Good overall condition.  $80

2.             1970s Pilot in a silver plated chased pattern.  The pen is unused, still with the original price tag.  18K fine fingernail style nib, uses Pilot cartridge/converter.  The pen has a clear lacquer over the silver and there are  couple of dark spots under the lacquer. $120

3.             1960s Pilot. This is a model that has a very similar section to the capless. The feed and nib are practically identical to the capless model from that era.  It has a fine 14k gold nib, and uses the short Pilot cartridges which I will include. It’s in excellent condition.  $100

4.             1970s Pilot E fountain pen.  It has an ink-view window, and a 14K Soft fine, fingernail type nib. It uses Pilot cartridge/converter.  There are a few use marks on the cap.  $80

5.             1950s Pilot G-300V, with rolled gold cap. Stealthy looking 14K fine rigid nib. Works with Pilot cartridge/converter. Very good condition. $90

6.             1950s-60s Pilot Super 150L in pastel pink plastic.  It’s in really good condition and has a fine 14K arrowhead type nib. It uses the Pilot switch filling system which is in working condition.  $100

7.             1950s-60s Pilot Sporty12-150 in a bright lilac. Short spring loaded clip, 14K fine nib with some line variation.  Excellent condition. Uses a shorter con-20 type which is included. $90

8.             1980s Pilot, in collaboration with designer Loris Azzaro. It’s NOS with the original price sticker.  14K fine nib, uses Pilot cartridge/converter.  $100

9.             1970s Pilot in navy blue with stainless steel press fit cap.  14K fine nib, uses Pilot cartridge/converter. $80

10.         Platinum leather fountain pen. Good overall condition. 18K fine nib, uses Platinum cartridges. $80

11.         Platinum Arabesque pattern in champagne color metal.  Excellent condition,  18K fine nib, uses Platinum cartridges. $80

12.         Platinum in striped metal with arabesque cap band design. Good overall condition, 18K fine nib, uses Platinum cartridges. $80

13.         Platinum in frosted metal with a nice cap band.  Good overall condition, 14K fine nib, uses Platinum cartridges. $70

14.         Platinum in red and black swirl plastic material. Good overall condition, 14K fine nib, uses Platinum cartridges. $70

15.         Platinum Bonita, in dark red metallic finish.  Good overall condition, 14K fine nib, uses Platinum cartridges. $60

16.         Sailor K103 fountain pen.  Hard to find pen, with a nice mask over the gold fine nib. Uses a squeeze bulb type filler and is in excellent working condition.  $120

17.         1950s Elliott fountain pen. It’s NOS with all original stickers. It has a fine steel nib and uses a bulb filler.  Excellent cosmetic and working condition. $100

18.         1970s Swallow in a wonderful brown pearlescent plastic material.  It’s NOS, with a fine 14K nib and uses a squeeze type converter. $100

19.         1970s Swallow in a wonderful green pearlescent plastic material.  It’s NOS, with a fine 14K nib and uses and squeeze type converter.  The converter will require a sac replacement.  $90


Free shipping within the US. For international shipping please add $10.  


Thanks for looking 


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columbus - United States

Recommended Questions

Are any of these a flexible nib? 





Most of these nibs are rather rigid.  I might have some other ones with flex nibs soon, also vintage Pilot.  Please let me know your email address so I can follow up


Thank you

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