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    June 06, 2022 11:30 AM      03:30 PM

    Dear FPNers,
    For a while, we have wanted to meet with fellow pen enthusiasts here, in the Netherlands. With lockdown restrictions now relaxed and with the summer opening up, it seems the right moment to get started. To this end, we are organizing the Netherlands Pen Club – and we invite you to join us!
    We thought about this idea for a while, also trying to learn from valiant earlier efforts in this sense that we saw discussed on FPN, and envisioned a long-term pen club. We want to meet, discuss, and share ideas about fountain pens and share the fountain pens themselves, sometimes in real life and sometimes digitally. Later, we want to engage the entire ecosystem around fountain pens in the Netherlands, including sellers, tuners, artists, etc. We want to also make contact with other pen clubs and people abroad for cross-fertilization. We aim to make it easy to do all these things, but this being the beginning it would be great if you could also share your ideas about what the Netherlands Pen Club can do for you and with your help. 
    Concretely, we have two activities to offer:
    1/ We are organizing a first meeting in the real world, in Utrecht, on Monday, June 6 (2e Pinksterdag), from 13:30-17:30. As an exciting first meetup, there will be at least 20 pens to try out and we invite everyone to share theirs. We have reserved time for conversation and community build-up. We have a format for all this, so it will be easy and not at all overwhelming. Everyone’s welcome! (Exact location TBD)
    Please let us know until Wednesday, May 25, if you will attend our first meetup – then, we can arrange a suitably sized place – and if you have any dietary restrictions – then, we can arrange snacks and beverages. Please also let us know if you need any other kind of assistance. (We will of course keep these details private.)
    PM us or reply here and we will contact you immediately about details.
    2/ We have organized an online presence, on Discord, which allows meeting each other live and also to organize live events with higher frequency but without traveling hassles – PM us to get an invitation and join this platform. 
    TL;DR: Fellow pen enthusiasts in the Netherlands, we are looking forward to meeting with you! PM us to get in touch.
    @DvdRiet, @Nikolaos, and @OldTravelingShoe

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