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Visconti Van Gogh Starry Night Fountain Pen: A Piece Of Art!

Iguana Sell


Visconti Van Gogh Starry Night Fountain Pen: A Piece of Art!



The Visconti Van Gogh Impressionist Collection is a delightful range of pens inspired by paintings from one of the world’s most acclaimed artists. Each pen formulates palettes of colour that accurately reflect the technique and emotion of each of Van Gogh's paintings.




This exquisite Visconti Van Gogh Starry Night fountain penis inspired by the iconic 1889 Van Gogh masterpiece “The Starry Night”, depicting the village of Saint-Remy under a dramatically swirling sky, which currently hangs in New York City’s Museum of Modern Art.




Each pen is available in fountain, rollerball and ballpoint pen. The name of the painting and artist are delicately engraved around the pen’s ring, and each pen is packed into a beautiful gift box. The fountain pens come with a steel nib and cartridges or converters can be used. The pen closes with Visconti's popular magnetic closure system and every mixture of colours is different from each other, making each pen unique. An excellent opportunity to have one of a kind pen!




Each piece in this timeless collection is inspired not only by Vincent van Gogh's skill and technique, but by the emotion and personality of his individual paintings. Your chance to make of your writings a wonderful piece of art!


If you like this pen, you can buy it at: www.iguanasell.com


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