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Wher Is Master - A Esplanayshun



Sumbody rote and asked me where is Master.


Wot it is is wot we didded get ELEKTRIK in the Towers and Master was happy.

He didded by lots of sperimental tings and was in the Lavatory Laberoratr Lab for a long time.

Then he came out. He said tings is very black. I sed did you burn it down agen. He sed no it is just wot everyting is black.


For weeks he did reed bouques about the hed and brain. Then he sed wot it was is wot he had recesion.

I asked Doctor Seaneen Hempenstall-O'Rourke MD, BSc, and Member of the Irish Long Distance Armwrestling Team wot it was is recesion.

He sed No. Wot it is is depression (I rote that down).


He gived me pills for Master but Master sed it was OK he woud fix it himself.

He sharpened his skalpel and made a metel hook to get the bkack black out of his brain and made a little bulb and batery and some wires to plug into the ELEKTRIK to put in white.

There was blood all over the kitchen floor when he was finished and he sed OUCH.

I asked wot it was and he sed it was still all black but now it was hurty as well and eated the pills.

For weeks and weeks he eated the pills then went to the docter.

The docter was so delited wit his p[rogres that he sed he cud take two times as many pills as a prize.


I told Her Majesty abowt all this and she sed "Who?" and I sedded "Master" and she sed "Oh him!!". Then she gave me a present of a bottle haf full of gin wot hitted me on the hed but tasted nice.


When I get mor news i will tell you but i tink he is getting better and will say some tings himself.





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Ruaidhrí Jnr


Snr must be getting better as he had Jnr and Jnr Jnr stay this weekend.


A big trip for Jnr Jnr, all excited staying with Nanny Blanch and Grandad Blanch and super excited that he was staying in his Dads old room.


And he did what every good Blanch Lad does when home, played games, ate takeaway, watchhed the telly and went to bed.


and I quote "this is the best sleepover ever" (was his first) and "this is like waking up in Ibiza" (trust me it's not)


But most importantly Jnr Jnr enjoyed himself and that's all Jnr is worried about.



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Thank you for the news, Ernst! I'm looking forward to hearing from your Master soon :thumbup:

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I can tell from your writing that you are very educated...this is very hard for you to write isn't it:) Keep up your blog, it's funny and you might just fool a couple of people. lol

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