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Now, Where Was I?



Dear me!


Who would have thought the authorities could be so blindingly stupid?


Sorry, Dear Reader. I should make my self clearer, but the last week has been harrowing.


I had intended doing some further work on the History of Murphy Towers, but while researching the subject I came across some data that forced a temporary change of tack.


Up in the Library, browsing through some letters from Johannes Marcus Marci of Kronland (yes, the very same chap!) that Cuthbert had preserved, I came across mention of Ó Murchú Romhair na Prataí (Rotund Murphy of the Potatoes) and his theories about the Irish Pyramids.


The further I read, the more I realised I must investigate - but I get ahead of myself!


Ó Murchú Romhair (we shall refer to him by his given name, Con - short for Conchubhair) had seen sketches of the Egyptian Pyramids, brought back from Foreign by an old seaman, and wondered.

He then spent some time pondering.

Then mulled it over.

After some fifteen minutes of this brainstorming, he came to the obvious conclusion that Ireland must also have pyramids - if only he could find them.


Unfortunately, there the trail ran cold. Except for a nearly illegible pencilled note in a margin: "...town squar..."


Like my predecessor I fell to thinking.

Two pipes, the odd little drop of Guinness (I can't recall whether it was 17 or 19), and a half bottle of port later, it dawned on me!


Town Squares!


I realised that almost every town in Ireland has its town square, and the reason for their existence became so obvious I laughed aloud - they are PYRAMIDS!


What had not been considered when poor old Con was being mocked by Academia is that the Irish are, by their nature, a not very pretentious people.


Rather than build huge, ostentatious lumps of things, they had simply used an inverted design.

This had the added advantage that the base, being at ground level would serve as a place for markets, and other such gatherings of the peasantry, the interiors could act as storage facilities, and there would be no problems in later years about interfering with the skyline.


Delving in other manuscripts I found more and more hints-

"....yer average Paddy is only happy laying bricks....." St. Patrick c 437 AD

"....you won't find pyramids in Ireland......" High King Cormac MacArt (my bold)

and many more.


I would appear to have rambled on a bit!

Suffice it to say that when I arranged the loan of a JCB, and started excavations in a town near Dublin, which can't be named for legal reasons, I was set upon by the local constabulary, who thought I was about to "raid the ATM at the bank".

I explained that a) being an Irish bank there was little chance of such a raid being worth the bother, and B) that I was merely trying to dig up parts of the town square.


A €500 fine, and one week in gaol later, I am more determined than ever to get to the bottom of this, if you will pardon a pun.


When I have rested I will get back to the history, and plan a less obvious archaelogical approach to the Pyramid Enigma.


Good evening,





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Huh. Ain't that somethin'.


You should get somebody with one of those ground sonar devices to bounce sound off of what's down there and make a picture of it on a little computer screen (like the raptor skeleton at the beginning of Jurassic Park!).


Good luck!

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I'm not quite sure what you mean by "little computer"


The Great Babbage takes up three rooms in the basement - just beside the wine cellars.


Not wishing to sound like a Luddite, I think a shovel in the safe (??!!) hands of Ernst will do the job.


What did hurt my feelings was the derision heaped on me by the scientific community, but I console myself with the thought that Carter probably had the same when he discovered Troy.




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It has just occurred to me that Carter did not find Troy.

If he was trying, then his navigator must have been femail & the map had the names written the wrong way up. Naturally, as any femail would do, she turned the map the right way up. So Carter got to Egypt instead of Turkey and found this bloke. When they opened the tomb & found it wasn't a wooden horse, Carter uttered the much misunderstood line:

'King!?! Tut, tut.'





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