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Fpn Pens: Update 2011-08-04



Dearest Members of the Board,


Last Sunday we prepared a complete list of all pens to be ordered, with a conservative estimate for any other pens we would be able to sell until such time that the pens would be manufactured.


This conservative estimate was based on the number of pens sold, and the minimum quantity we needed to at least keep the prices as they were. This means that we have slightly increased numbers for Passaportos and Modello Ts, and stayed with the number of pens we already had calculated for the Etrurias in order for them to be manufactured.


Stipula has been very helpful in all of this, and the contacts have been very pleasant indeed.


On Monday morning we paid for the materials, and this means that we have been able to pin the production date. This means that the pens will all be manufactured by the end of October, for shipping in November :bunny01: .


Anyway, current status follows:




This week sales have been quite brisk, resulting in several of the pen/trim/nib combinations to be sold out already!


We have now updated the FPN Store to reflect the actual number of pens available still, for additional pens as well. However, as only the total number of pens available were added for additional pens, rather than the individual pen/trim/nib combinations, we would advise everybody to please check which pens are available on page 1 before adding any to the shopping cart when going for combined shipping. We may have to disappoint you otherwise. As mentioned, several pen/trim/nib combinations have been sold out already.


If you would like to make use of the opportunity to get a wonderful bespoke pen, unique to FPN, at a very good price indeed, and support FPN a little as well, make sure you are in on this deal before all pens are sold out!

If you haven't done so, or need links to the polls, the Store, or the special forum to which those who order pens have access to, please check the previous installment of this column, FPN Pens: Hurry! Time is running out fast!


Warm regards,

Your FPN Admin Team

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:clap1: Really GOOD NEWS!!!!

Looks like the pens will be in time for Christmas. Looking forward to receiving my two Passaportos, and expecially with the extra Italic Nib I ordered.


Thanks Wim and any and all Admin Team members who worked so long and hard to bring this project so near to completion. I guess it is in Stipula's hands now, and means we'll all have to have to be a bit more patience.


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