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Fpn Store Open To Voters - Update June, 10 & 12



Dearest Members of the Board,

The FPN Pen Store has been officially open for the voters now for a week already, so in short a good time for an update and further news :D.



Update (Invoice Details):


There have been quite a few questions on the content of the invoice email and the actual pen(s) ordered, which don't show on the PayPal or the Invoice emails. There actually is a way to check the complete invoice, as we discovered. When you click on "Your profile" (member id at the top right of the window), and have access to the FPN Store, in the drop down list shown you will see the option "Client Area" at the bottom of this drop down list.


Clicking on "Client Area" will provide you with a new screen, with on the left hand side the options "Overview", "Purchases", "Invoices", "Support", "Alternate Contacts" and "Billing Information". These options allow you to manage any items you bought in the FPN Store at the different stages of the purchasing process.


If you now click on "Invoices", you will see all invoices generated by you, with the text conform the Invoice email and PayPal statement you received. However, when you click on that text, you will get a new screen with the full text of the Invoice, including nib choices, etc., for every item on the invoice. It even allows you to print your (detailed) Invoice for future reference.



The news:


Since all good news comes in threes, let's do threes here as well :D.


1. The uptake of the pens has been very good, we are now at a little over 26 % of voters who have ordered and paid for their pens, and we are at about 20 % of funds required for all pens. The latter is a little less than seemingly is voted for, because of type of pens ordered mostly, but not by much - the little extra is there to give peopel who missed the vote a chance to order pens as well.


2. As of this moment all registered voters have access to all pens in the store (and in 3 more days time all members will have access to all pens in the store :D).


3. We had a long conversation with Stipula today, which proved very interesting and beneficial. Let us go into this below.


Stipula indicated that it is possible for us to buy individual, additional nib units for the Etruria models, and this was the first part of the conversation. Great news for those who'd like to buy an extra nib fro their FPN LE Etrurias!

fpn_1307744036__etruria-14k.png fpn_1307744075__etruria-18k.png


Part two was that they also came with a very interesting proposition. Considering that in September their Christmas production runs start, the busiest part of the year by far, and they would like to help us deliver pens in a timely a fashion as possible to our members, they tried to think with us and lowered the entry point for us to start producing pens. This would give us not only a head start for pen production when enough funds are available, but it also means that the total number of pens can be produced in smaller batches, provided we pay in advance for the materials used. This would amount to approximately 25 % to 30 % of the total cost of the pens, and we are almost there now. It would also mean that Stipula can do the design of the pens the moment we pay for materials, so we wouldn't lose any time, due to resource constraints, if for any reason we can't buy pens fast enough to avoid the post-summer holiday Christmas manufacturing season!


That is great news, because smaller production runs are apparently still possible within the busy season that way. In short: we could start delivery of pens much faster than the 60 day cycle normally required for the number of pens we are looking at. IOW, buy quickly - the sooner you do, the faster we all will have our pens!


Warmest regards,

from a very excited FPN Admin Team


Update June, 12:

As we did receive quite a few questions on buying an extra nib by those who already bought an Etruria, we can now announce, that those who already paid for an FPN LE Etruria, can buy a nib as well (or more if they like), and associate it with a pen, without incurring double shipping costs, due to the association with these pens (automatic). Furthermore, any new invoices generated this way, are automatically linked to the original invoice in the system.


Recommended Comments

Wim - I want to order another nib unit for the Etruria, but I'm undecided about which one. Can you tell me how long the window of opportunity will remain open for me to order the extra nib unit?


Thanks again for all the hard work! :thumbup:

It will stay open as long as not all Etrurias have been paid for yet :D. When the counter gets close to zero, you may have to hurry.


Warm regards, Wim

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It will stay open as long as not all Etrurias have been paid for yet :D. When the counter gets close to zero, you may have to hurry.Warm regards, Wim


I'd better go check, then. Thanks!!!


:::::Hmmmmm.... Decisions, decisions:::::

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When the pens ship will we be informed individually or will there be a bulletin?

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When the pens ship will we be informed individually or will there be a bulletin?

Both I would think :D. The store allows to send out individual messages, and we will certainly make an announcement too.


HTH, warm regards, Wim





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I voted for and already paid for a silver celluloid Etruria.


I'm thinking of adding a Passaporto, but I did not vote for one when voting was still open. Is there any way to purchase one AND combine shipping with my (already paid for) Etruria?



Shahrin B)

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Hi Sharin,


There now is the option to do so, there wasn't before (and this was independent of the ordering/voting options in general). The store isn't always that easy to operate, not even from the admin POV. It appeared we had to add a second set of pen entries, before this could be made to work. This has now been done, and it seems to work now.


If you go to the second page of the store, you can now select an additional pen. In the process of ordering an additional pen, you will see an option to associate the new order with a previous one. Please do so, and you will get a Combined Shipping option of 0.00. This way you will get Combined Shipping, and as a side benefit the two orders will also be linked in the system.


HTH, warm regards, Wim

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