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New Fpn Pen?




Dearest members of the Board :D,


A few years ago, an FPN pen was launched, i.e., a pen designed exclusively for FPN Members only. There was a lot of discussion on how this pen should look, and cost, and that it really should be an LE pen. After a zillion polls we established all the essential details everybody wanted, well, on average anyway, and due to manufacturing and price constraints, a completely different pen was manufactured :D. This one:



(With thanks to pakmanpony for providing this image)


However, it did have a lot in common with the site for colours etc., and was a runaway success. We were very happy ourselves from the POV of running this site, as the (small) profit we made was used to help pay for hosting this site and for the yearly licensing cost of the software.


We have also had many inquiries whether there were more of these pens available. We also had a lot of enquiries about a new FPN pen, about the possibility of pens with gold nibs as an FPN pen, and quite a few more questions along those lines.


Tallying up all of these comments and questions, we have come to the conclusion that it is probably time to have another pen manufactured, or maybe even a few, exclusively for the members of FPN. We are now seriously considering this. We also checked what was possible in this regard when manufacturing constraints are put on such pens, in order to prevent something that didn't look like the design by the membership in the first place. We also came to the conclusion that we would need at least 3, maybe 4 pens in different price bands, ideally with filling systems other than a C/C system, but obviously with a link to FPN at least with colours, and maybe other features, based on some of the other comments we received.


As a result we are now in serious discussion with a pen manufacturer as to the possibilities in this regard. We are thinking in terms of pens of around € 70 / $100, around double or triple that, and about double or triple that again, in order to be able to cater for all kinds of interests and needs. Based on these discussions, we are (read: Ruadhrí is :D) busy making mock-ups of potential pens, and we will be asking you whether you would be interested in any of these and possible variants, with a view not only to provide you with a nice pen, but also to replenish the coffers of FPN a little. :D


Just to let you know that we are quite close to making a few proposals in this regard....


Warm regards,

The FPN Admin Team



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I'm interested. Can't wait until you can come back to us with exammples and a firm proposal. I'm just curious as to which manufacturer thinks they can make a pen to please this crowd!!!Bring it on!!

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How did I miss the first one? :gaah: :gaah: :gaah: :gaah: :headsmack: Count on me for the 100 bucks pen. :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

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Great!Anything that writes smoothly and is FPN stamped would be a welcome addition to the FP stable.Well done folks and thanks for your efforts.Best regards,Steve.

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Great idea, would definitely be interested and, of course, price is a consideration.

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