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Debbie Ohi's Inky Journal

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Love this.What a talent, you have captured the awfulness of what we do perfectly.I saw the other cuter drawing first, and maybe that's where we start and this is where we go.


At pains of being one of those awful people who explains jokes this is a lord of the rings reference.


I have looked and want the 823, if fills with a plunger and in your pic looks gorgeous.I believe that nib is only available in the special shop.I nearly ordered (uk) off iguana, but delivery is about five weeks.

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I have been tempted to get the clear 823 (only available in Japan these days). Honestly, I crave it with the PO (posting) nib, though an FA would be nice, too. I really like my 823 with a fine nib.


PS: It's a pleasant surprise to find someone I know from elsewhere on FPN. I've been away for a long time (work was crazy in 2019 and 2020). I'm more used to seeing you on BGG (here's hoping we can see each other next November in Dallas!).

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Beautiful pen and cartoon but as a deeply obsessive-compulsive person I must insist that you take that label off the cap RIGHT THIS INSTANT! 🤯

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