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New Eyes, New Pen! (Pilot Custom 823 With Fa Nib)




Apologies for the dearth of entries this past year. Many reasons, but double eye surgery was one of them. If you want to know more, here's my blog post.

Many out-of-town trips (mostly work but some personal) combined with work deadlines resulted in my poor pens (and snailmail correspondences) being neglected. I just recently was able to do a proper pen cleaning and have started catching up on snailmail again.

And one of the pens I'm finally able to use is my Pilot Custom 823 with FA nib, acquired earlier this year from my pen enabler friend, mishiechau. I LOVE THIS PEN SO MUCH. I'll post more when I have time. Anyone else love this pen?

You can see a stream-of-consciousness doodle I did last night on Instagram.



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It is soooo good to see your drawings back on FPN - and so happy to read on successful “new eyes” surgery!

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LOVE your pen! I HAVE to have one! And your amazing drawing talent!! God, I wish I could draw like that!! KEEP DRAWING!!!! PLEASE!!!

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