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Here Are The Fountain Pen Inks I've Accumulated Since Last October (And Yes, I Know I Have A Problem)





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Never can have to much ink. XD


That's a lot of Pilot Iroshizuku, I especially like Yama-budo.

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I have a similar collection of ink. I think it would look similar if I gathered it all together like that. I imagine you can use all those colors for your art. I don't know how I'll ever use all the ink I have.

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Ink is part of the reason why so many (including me) decide to take up using fountain pens. So many choices, so many characteristics.....

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Kon Peki; my favourite!


Glad you gave it centre front row :)


Must use mine more.

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+1 for Kon-Peki. Most beautiful blue ink I've ever used!

I also see a bottle of Emerald of Chivor. I love the shimmer and sheen from that ink on Tomoe River paper!

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Wow. October 2016 you mean? I swear I'll refocus my energy to buying more ink. :D

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Flippy: Yes, I love Iroshizuku inks. :-) And yes, SO MANY CHOICES!!!


Vjones: Glad I'm not the only one!


Galem: LOL! Thanks. :-D


Ballboy: I love Kon Peki! Such a gorgeous blue and such gorgeous shading.


JeffH1980: I wish I could afford more Tomoe River paper! Emerald of Chivor is my favourite shimmery ink.


czanquine: Yes, October 2016. :-)

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This is all????? Since October????? 11 months????


Nah - that's not much at all!

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You only get to keep/use one ink. Which will it be? :)

If you are not shaking to your bones right now,

you are not finished collecting ink.

Nice inkytribe there! Thanks for sharing.

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