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My Husband Gave Me A Turquoise Twsbi Diamond 580Al!




I inked up my TWSBI (my first TWSBI!) with Iroshizuku Syo-Ro and created this wee doodle.

The Pilot Falcon is still my favourite writing experience, but I'm too paranoid to take with me travelling in case I lose it or someone I meet along the way (young readers, etc.) accidentally hurts my gold nib. The TWSBI is a pen I can take out to jot notes without feeling I have to be super-careful. I would be disappointed and sad if I lost it, but as much as if I lost my Pilot Falcon.

I ended up not taking ANY fountain pens on my book tour earlier this year because I was travelling with just carry-on for the week, and it would have been Very Bad if I had gotten any ink on my clothes since I wouldn't have any time to wash any along the way (I flew to a new state every day). I really missed my fountain pens!


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I love the drawing and the ink you used! great demonstration of drawing with a fountain pen, thank you for sharing, DebbieOhi!

- Francois

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TWSBI Eco and TWSBI Diamond AL are among my most favorite, reliable pens. My Diamond AL is green and quite beautiful IMHO. They each hold a lot of ink and the cap mechanism keeps the nibs from drying out. I keep an ECO near my computer which was last inked in January and has performed flawlessly ever since --5 months later. TWSBI makes a quality product at an affordable price! It may not be the pen for absolute beginners because cleaning a piston filler can be harrowing if you're not familiar with pen mechanics but there are plenty of videos online that demonstrate how to do it.

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I have the TWSBI VAC 700R that I like except for the nib, fine, that I don't care much for. I just ordered a Goulet Fine Nib that I will use to replace the TWSBI nib with. I will keep you posted on how this goes, but for the rest, I like holding the TWSBI, it fits nicely in my hand and its ink carrying capacity is incredible!

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Hi Debbie, hope the book tour was not exhausting - and I am sure it was a success!

Great addition your TWSBI!!!

- I travel (fly) always with my Mini Classic and with Platinum 3776, without any issues. They stay in 2 slot pen case in my purse, I try to keep it upright, but you know how stuff in purses can end up :)


And you know how much I am a fan of your picture stories - this turquoise windy one is no exception ;)

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Francois: Thanks! And yes, I'll be curious about how the Goulet Fine Nib works with your TWSBI.


Ambimom: I *love* how much ink it holds! While I adore my Pilot Falcon, I have to refill it CONSTANTLY. I am nervous about cleaning a piston filler but happily, my husband has several TWSBIs and says he can help me.


MsRedPen: Thank you so much! Both for the advice and the kind words. :-)


Amberleadavis: Thanks!

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