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Thank You, Ralfstc!




Thanks SO much to ralfstc, who sent me this pen, which I LOVE: from researching online, I believe it's a Waterman's 352 Stalwart, made in Canada in the 1940's. According to ralfstc, the nib was modified by John Sorowka (Oxonian).

Ralf sent me this pen in thanks for a fountain pen drawing I sent him which was in thanks for the sample of Lamy Dark Lilac he sent me. :-)

I love fountain pen people!

It's my first Waterman and also my first pen with an ink sac - I had to look up online how to use it! Any advice/tips re: maintenance welcome. :-)

And again, THANK YOU, RALFSTC! So looking forward to writing with my new pen. I've inked it up with Iroshizuku Kon Peki.


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Nice! What nib size was it? Do you think it is suitable for drawing?

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I love the lighting on this, very 3 dimensional. I'd assume you set it up like this on purpose. Very nice

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I love how it was set up to make the drawing seem like it was riding the pen like a surfboard.

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FlippyThePen: I'm not sure what size nib it is. I looked at it but couldn't see an "F" or "M" etc.

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Mike.jane: Thank you! And no, I didn't set the lighting on purpose. I suppose I should have!

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