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Visiting Cw Pencils In Manhattan




A couple of weeks ago, I posted on the forums saying that I was going to NYC for work but had a few extra hours to wander about, and asked if anyone had any suggestions about where I should go. Thanks to everyone who gave me advice! One of the places I visited was CW Pencils on 100 Forsyth St. ( https://cwpencils.com ).


It's a tiny shop but WOW, does it have a lot of different pencils!


I asked the clerk for advice and she put out a bunch of sample pencils for me to try as well as a test notebook. I ended up buying a lot of pencils I can't wait to start sketching with. My pencils at home are horrible and scratchy and I am going give them away as soon as I can.



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I once thought that my local stationary store had the biggest selection of pencils I had ever seen.



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Have yet to be able to visit the store, but I have bought around 50+ pencils from them online, and a handful of erasers (Love the large rubber Hardmundth elephant erasers!), and a brass sharpener. They have an awesome selection of pencils, and their costumer service and packing/shipping abilities are great! I usually get my order in two days with basic USPS ground delivery!

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Oranges and Apples: I love all the light and the colors and of course the PENCILS!


Flippy: :-D


vjones: It's amazing.


JakobS: Whoa, you bought 50+ pencils??? That's a lot of pencils. :-D

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