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Expressive Line Variation From The Pilot 78G




Looking for inexpensive line variation in order to add more expression to your writing? Many customers come to us on the hunt for flex, when really all they are looking for is a way to add character to their every day writing. The popularity of the custom "cursive italic" grind at pen shows and in work shops (our own included) is a testament to the addictive nature of the subtle italic.

By luck or design, Pilot's venerable 78G fountain pen sports enjoyable italic nibs on their B and BB pens, and those are the only nib sizes we plan on offering. Instead of big round balls making a big fat line on the paper, you get get more of an italic effect with the flat, chisel-nosed nibs. We get stub-like results with the BB nibs and something more on the order of a medium cursive italic with the B nibs. Both are suitable for calligraphy. The BBs have a specific "sweet spot" so they need to be positioned properly to get good consistent ink flow to the page, whereas the Bs are much more forgiving and suitable for every day writing.

Check out the writing sample below, on Rhodia 5x5 paper.



There's some talk about where these pens are made, but as far as we know, they were made in Japan. They may have been made for the Chinese or Indian market, and we understand they were not available in the US. The cap is marked Japan and the nib is marked "Pilot Super Quality Japan." They came in trays marked Japan, with instructional handouts also marked Japan. So we think they were made in Japan.


These have been extremely popular with our customers, many of whom buy a handful of them to give as gifts. They are especially fun for young writers, who get a kick out of the broad paint brush effect of the BBs and can quickly master the control needed to keep the nib oriented and the ink flowing.




We've got them in four colors, and they come fitted with a Pilot squeeze converter. (The converter can be removed to accept Pilot cartridges.) Currently sale priced at $22, they ship free to US addresses. Shipping elsewhere in the world via first class is around $7.

The price will go back to $25 at the end of the year, so don't delay.




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