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Ernst Is Home Again



Dear little Ernst arrived home today, earlier than expected. It would appear there were a couple of unfortunate incidents at his hospital (St. Fintan Flaherty O'Toole Hospital for the Maimed, Bewildered and Chronically Unhinged, Dublin).


I have repaired the nibs on my three Falcons - a mere twenty minutes with the angle grinder and a three ounce pin hammer did the trick.


That's the good news.


In Other News, PPOI (the Plain People of Ireland as you will recall), took my advice in our recent election and removed the government.

Unfortunately, due to some inconsistencies in our voting system, they have been replaced by Other Politicians!

This was NOT part of my plan. I had in mind a return to an earlier celtic form of "Benevolent Dictatorship" (The High Kings of Tara), and had offered my services.


To say that I am a little dismayed would be an understatement.


To make things worse, over dinner this evening Cuthbert remarked "you would have fulfilled the second part of that title admirably Master", with one of his strange smiles.


If it weren't for his value as our Historian and Guardian of Manuscripts I would have to rethink his position.


On the Other Good News front, we have finally perfected our Patent Murphy Towers Super Fine Nib. This will (probably) be available in stationers everywhere soon.

The nib is so fine that the final 5 thousandths of an inch are quite invisible to the naked eye. This results in an interesting visual effect where the fine line of ink appears on the paper seemingly before the pen touches it. Quite an innovation.


As I speak, Ernst is cuddled up on the fireside rug before a warm fire, Her Ladyship has retired for the night and I am off down to the Laboratory to continue some interrupted research.


Good evening all.



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The Patent Murphy Towers Fine Point sounds like a technological wonder. Will it come out in an italic version?

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