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Namiki Yukari Moonlight Raden Fountain Pen

Iguana Sell


Namiki surprises us again with this wonderful Namiki Yukari Moonlight Raden Fountain Pen finished with Raden technique.


This Raden technique consists in apply every piece of shell individually and burnished after fixing the entire covering in place with Urushi lacquer.


The great combination between the black base and the shiny colours that are fitted to the body, is one of its special features, which stands out over the rest of fountain pens.


A special ink bottle completes the striking presentation. The pen is presented in a traditional japanese wooden gift box. It also comes with the official Namiki Warranty.



More information at www.iguanasell.com or info@iguanasell.com





Recommended Comments

Gorgeous pen.....


Interesting how that bottle of ink looks like a watch.....what will Namiki think of next?.....

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