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A Very Upsetting Day



Today really started yesterday. Not uncommon here in MT where such mundane trivialities as time are tossed aside with abandon.


The Great Babbage had a nasty accident :D

Loud noises were heard, grinding of gears was accompanied by clouds of black smoke and the TelevisorWindow went black!


My chagrin can only be imagined with difficulty.


Quick as a flash I donned my navy blue shopcoat, sent a servant for my tools, and poured a glass of port.

Definitely a three pipe problem.


Puffing away I contacted The Mad Dutchman and informed him of the problem.

Helpfully he filled my head with a huge amount of totally incomprehensible nonsense about motherboards which have bites in them, and codes!

As I am fully aware that there is nothing (I already asked Ernst) which - or who - could have bitten a motherboard - whatever that might be - I decided to tackle the problem myself.


Lying on my back under the firebox, I was adjusting the clack valves when Ernst enquired, apropos of nothing as I thought, "Master, wot is falcons?"

"Birds of prey which dart through the sky with amazing skill", I replied tersely, "now go away, I am working".

He did.


By this morning I had returned the Main Lever to its proper setting, readjusted the Secondary Slides, tightened up the Gib Strips, and had the Great Dial once again reading a near-perfect 14.27.

Brought the machine up to steam and "Huzzah!" - it worked.


Tired, sore in the joints (but also a little jubilant), I made my way upstairs to hear a shout from the Drawing Room -

"Onnneeee Hunnddred annnnddd Eighty!!!"


On entering I found Ernst jumping up and down with joy, pointing to the dartboard.

There, to my complete horror, I saw, neatly embedded in the 60 slot, three P50s!


Ernst is expected home from hospital in a week or two.




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