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Entry The First




This Bloque is written to keep all my friends up to date with my heroic efforts here in Murphy Towers for the Betterment of Mankind.


Before I start (some other time) I must say this in an attempt to clarify some points for both new and long term members and to differentiate between Murphy Towers and FPN Admin.


Many think of Admin as a very formal FPN Administration Team, comprised of aloof individuals sitting at powerful computers, in operating theatre type surroundings, making harsh decisions solely to make life of the members of FPN difficult.


We wish to correct this view.


Think of a large country house, surrounded by lush grounds, with a full complement of servants, a full wine cellar, and comfortable armchairs in the lounge.

This gives you the rough picture.


Naturally we all occupy the same house, and live here in the height of comfort.

Unfortunately we cannot give out the address - for fear of the tons of junk mail it would attract.


We are all lovable, cuddly individuals, who like nothing more than to sit around discussing ways to run and improve FPN, over a glass of port and a pipe.


Wim (or the Mad Dutchman as some call him) spends a lot of his time deep in the bowels of the Admin Mansion, where he is said to have a strange dungeon, full to the brim with even more strange pieces of equipment, which he calls hardware.


Oftentimes of a quiet evening, we can hear him rapping away at something or other (the technical term for this is "Doing Stuff").

It is believed by many that what he does is a Good Thing, so we don't interfere (not too much anyway).


The actual hard work on FPN is done by our team of Moderators, without whom we would be completely lost.


Murphy Towers is different from the above.


Now we have corrected your view, you may once more get on with your business on this lovely site of ours. :D


Thanks gang!



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Can I join the Murphy Towers household please?

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Bilderberg Group - yes, except we take secrecy more seriously :)Can I join the Murphy Towers household please? Proposals of marriage are 40 years too late :embarrassed_smile:

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