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Aurora Firenze Vermeil Fountain Pen Gold And Silver 925 - 800Vf

Iguana Sell



Aurora is always innovating with nice looking models like this Aurora Firenze Vermeil Fountain Pen 800VF.




It comes with a beautiful resin in Red "Terra di Toscana" engraved with the fleur de Lis, the eternal symbol of Florence.




The cap is made with golden .925 sterling silver, which enhances this cap which includes some symbols that remind to the history of an important city like Florence.




This unique Aurora Fountain Pen is available at www.iguanasell.com! Visit us and take a closer look to this writing instrument.





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Iguana Sell


Hello BernardB,


yes I just checked out your review! It looks nice.

And yes! this fountain pen is absolutely unique and presents some nice features, which you don´t find on others.

Hope everything goes nicely with your new entries on your post. If you have any questions about any items that we offer, don't hesitate in contacting us again.


Best regards,


Álvaro López

Iguana Sell

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