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Note: Just about any word can be taken to have a vulgar meaning, or insinuate something that is considered rude by some individual somewhere. I'm not going to go out of my way to avoid any and all potential offence or affront, and let random and/or niche sensibilities constrain me or dictate to me. However, for the avoidance of doubt:


Urban Dictionary offers a (user-contributed, non-authoritative) first-in-the-list ‘definition’ of the the word clut as being British slang for a clumsy person (cf. klutz?), in addition to (and ahead of) CLUT, the acronym for Colour Look-Up Table, which seems to be the most commonly listed (elsewhere) definition of that four-character string of ASCII characters. Not being British, and not having spent any time in the UK, I can neither confirm nor dispute that; but I'll take that at face value, and use it so for my purposes.


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Membership types, levels, ranks, badges, points, etc.   The membership types, groups, and levels are detailed here. The table of ranks is here. In some places, you'll seen a redundant “(n/15)” shown next to the name of a rank.   What can a Silver member do that a Bronze member cannot? What can a Gold member do that a Silver member cannot? I'm not sure, and I have no access to reference material detailing the entitlements and/or differences. I see examples of Bronze membe

A Smug Dill

A Smug Dill in Work-in-progress

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