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Things that can go bad or wrong, and things that do not have to be that way

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My thoughts on sharing ink samples by post

(This is mainly in response to @Daneaxe, at Amber's bidding)   “It won't be easy; you'll think it strange When I try to explain how I feel…”   So you're concerned that there is a noticeable gap in what is available the fellow hobbyists in your neck of the woods, and other seemingly more fortunate — or perhaps just more organised — hobbyist communities elsewhere have in train only make the disparity all the more conspicuous and perturbing. You're motivated to do something

A Smug Dill

A Smug Dill in Challenges

End of sharing ink samples by post economically

Today is 大年初一 , and this is one way to start the Year of the Ox on the wrong note.   Australia Post has just, or finally, announced that international Economy Air Letters containing Merchandise service is permanently discontinued, in a very loose interpretation of what constitutes an announcement. Not as a notice, not as an entry in the list of general or notable updates, but as a new FAQ entry sandwiched between piles of older FAQ entries, on its web site where there is no dedicated F

A Smug Dill

A Smug Dill in Foiled Again

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