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This is an official posting from your friendly Montblanc forum moderating team. These rules will be modified or expanded as required, and were last updated on April 21, 2021

There are several types of posted messages and behavior that are not allowed in the Montblanc forum, and which are generally not tolerated on the Fountain Pen Network. Please note that we are all aware that there is controversy surrounding the Montblanc brand; while we don't necessarily shy away from talking about these controversies here, this forum is focused on civilized discussion of collecting MB writing instruments and related products.

Personal attacks and insults: Posts containing attacks and insults targeting FPN members or non-members are not allowed. Statements like "I think you're a fool for wasting your money on Montblanc pens" or "You're an idiot for thinking you need to walk around with an MB snowflake in your pocket" are examples of personal attacks. Statements like "I think Montblanc pens cost too much" or "I don't feel the need to display the 'prestige' that Montblanc pens represent" aren't personal attacks, since they don't refer to other people. Please note that "personal" can also mean insults directed at a group. Harshly critical and insulting behavior, especially towards new members of FPN or new arrivals to the Montblanc forum, will not be tolerated.

Rudeness and crudeness: The Montblanc forum is founded on civilized discussion. Rude, crude, and uncivilized behavior is not allowed.

Incendiary posts, also known as "trolling", "stirring the pot" or "flamebait": Posts with content designed to produce an outraged, defensive response are not allowed. Antagonizing, provoking, "poking at", sparking angry argument, all are not allowed. In this forum, these posts are often (but not always) strongly based on outrage over Montblanc cost, perceived value, pen brands in the Third Reich and during World War Two, snobbery and prestige issues, and the perceived or actual social class of MB owners, or the alleged social-climbing of MB owners. These posts sometimes include calls to "prove" things about MB product quality or value. Sometimes there are attempts to "convert" MB owners away from the brand, and often a fair bit of insult, overt or subtle, is included.


Symbols or slogans of fascism, including the Third Reich:  While it is undeniable that Montblanc produced writing instruments, ink and accessories during the Third Reich in Germany, the company never produced items with Nazi or fascist symbols or slogans on them. Images or text with the symbols or slogans of Nazism and fascism are not allowed in the Montblanc forum, and neither is language promoting Nazism and fascism.  It should be noted that pens with these symbols and slogans fastened to or engraved in them do show up on the Internet, but nearly all appear to be modern fakes hoping to capitalize on the collector market.  What may violate this rule may be decided by any Moderator or Admin, and is not up for debate.

Politics and religion: The Montblanc forum is not a place for political or religious discussion, gripes or insults. Discussing the writing instruments of political or religious figures is still allowed.

Commercial posts: If you have something to sell or that you want to buy, the appropriate place to post it is in the Classifieds forum, not the Montblanc forum. Please do not refer to your Classifieds postings (or other for-sale postings or auctions on other sites including eBay) with posts in the Montblanc forum. Also, this forum is not set up for appraising or pricing products; people may discuss values, but most will refer to recent auction or sale prices.

Copyrighted Material: Please do not ever post copyrighted material here. Montblanc is, rightfully so, extremely strict when it comes to matters like these, hence this specific addition. Doing so will result in severe actions from the moderator and admin side. Please note: It is forbidden to post images or distinctive details of pens or other items which Montblanc has not yet officially released. If it's not available on the Montblanc website, generally available to the public in the Montblanc boutiques, or otherwise released officially by Montblanc, then it's something that can't be posted on the Montblanc forum.

Language and spelling corrections: Please refrain from correcting other members' grammar, language and spelling out of your own irritation. Not all of our members are exemplary at spelling, grammar, or word usage. English may not be the first language of the person posting, and translation is not always precise.

Violating the letter and/or spirit of these rules may result in posts or threads being removed, topic threads being locked, or further disciplinary action at the discretion of the Montblanc forum moderators and/or the FPN administrators.

How to report problem posts: If you see a post that violates the rules, click on the "Report" button that appears on every post. If the problem is with a thread, please explain that in the report. Please do not take it on yourself to try to enforce the forum rules.

The Montblanc forum moderators are charged with keeping the forum discussion civilized, flowing and on-topic. They often post unofficially because they're Montblanc enthusiasts themselves.

The moderators are volunteers, and are not employed by or officially associated with Richemont SA, Montblanc Simplo GmbH, their subsidiaries or their distributors.

None of Richemont SA, Montblanc Simplo GmbH, their subsidiaries or distributors pay any money or give any free merchandise or other consideration to the Fountain Pen Network, its owner, or its volunteer Admins and Moderators. They don't buy any advertising directly, though there's a chance that an ad could come through one of the advertising placement services that help pay for the Fountain Pen Network to exist.

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