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A Little Bit Of Wholesomeness From Someone Sharing The Fp Bug

down the rabbit hole one of us wholesome

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#1 Remiak


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Posted 16 May 2019 - 02:09

I have been using fountain pens as my exclusive writing instruments since last august and people here are very much not used to seeing one. First I used my Micro Bishop Classic, but the most popular one is my second pen, the Jinhao X750. Everybody gasps and whispers "oh.mah.gad" when they see it for the first time, jaws drop, questions are asked and if I like them enough I'll even let them write their name with it. Little do they know it only costed me $3, and when i tell them they just refuse to believe me.


I work as a freelancer doing stuff over the internet to make some $, it's not much but it pays for my hobbies and even helps me make ends meet at the end of the month. Almost 3 months ago I decided to start buying things off ebay so i could sell them here for cash (USDs in cash is highly appreciated where i live, inflation is so incredibly high having savings is the most stupid thing you can do, our money is so useless people make bags and backpacks with bills), the obvious choice was fountain pens.


Received a few pens from china today. I ordered these almost 3 months ago, they are starting to arrive now.


Today i got:


2 Hero doctor 3802, a very nice nice looking pen, much smaller than the pictures show, pencil thin but weights around 50 grams if not more. The nib is a thing of beauty, "semi-hooded" i would call it, it looks like a #5 nib that lays a fairly wet medium looking line.


3 Jinhao 992 (2 "demonstrator" pens and 1 in ivory with chrome details) Cool little pens, really nice feel to them and quite well made, the nib feels great. Something speciall about these is that they are fully plastic so they can be eyedorpped, but not only that, they come equipped from the factory with a rubber O-ring. They are designed to be eyedropped if you wish, but they take standard international cartriges/converters (and come with a converter)


and 1 Jinhao 159 in black wth silver nib and details. Chunky pen, nice feel to it and a familiar #6 Jinhao nib that incredibly enough, came perfectly aligned and so well polished it feels like writing with a piece of butter on a hot pan.


I'm selling most of these (you know, sharing the FP bug) at cost or a little more, USDs in cash are very valuable here and i'm basically converting my paypal $ into physical bills, but my main objective is spawning a FP community so i keep prices as down as possible without incurring losses.


I got the pens today, and I only have 1 Hero Doctor and the Jinhao 159 left. They just flew off my hands, I literally had a "SHUTUPANDTAKEMYMONEY" moment at work when i said i was selling these. It was incredible. I saw 2 of my coworkers and my boss go through all the phases, it was glorious:


* "Wait, do i twist to open or pull to open the cap?"

* "Oh, it doesn't come with ink inside it?"

* "Oh, the whole pen is re-usable and I just have to buy ink? AMAZING!"

* "How many colors of ink? Anything I can imagine and more? What? There are invisible inks even?"

* "I'm trying to twist the converter but it wont move... oh, to the other side, I see."

* "Oh dang, I have ink all over my finger... and hand... and shirt... and face..."

* "This paper is actually really bad, i never knew, i kinda hate this notebook now"

* "I barely have to touch the paper and it writes, this is amazing!"

* "hey dude, it's not writing anymore, i don't know what happened... oh, i ran out of ink?"

* --Me demonstrating how to extract the nib and feed for educational porpuses-- "TERRIFIED GASP"


Lets just say we didn't get too much work done today :D


I would have taken pictures but I was too busy answering questions and giving tips.

Edited by Remiak, 16 May 2019 - 02:25.

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#2 PaulS



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Posted 16 May 2019 - 07:50

hi  -  wonderful to hear your story and wish you good luck and continuing success in this new venture  …………..   so now you're a capitalist - making profit is so more ish :D


Just a shame that these pens take so long to arrive.

#3 ardene



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Posted 16 May 2019 - 08:09

I definitely enjoyed your description of the FP discovery stages! :)

#4 mhguda



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Posted 16 May 2019 - 17:19

Great story about getting all these pens to others. You all are going to share the ink and paper bug yet. Looking forward to your stories about those...

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